Spider-Man’s New PS5 Game Stars Miles Morales

Spider-Man’s New PS5 Game Stars Miles Morales
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Miles Morales is finally getting his own Spider-Man game, Sony revealed during its PS5 event today. It’s called Spider-Man Miles Morales and is headed to PS5 sometime this holiday season.

The game looks like it will pick up after the events of 2018’s Spider-Man with Morales taking over web-crawling and super-villain fighting duties from Peter Parker. Two years is a quick turnaround for an entirely new game, and it’s not clear yet whether Spider-Man is a full-fledged sequel or more of a standalone expansion like Uncharted’s The Lost Legacy.

Here’s the trailer:

Players have been waiting for something like this to get announced ever since it was hinted at back during the original game. Morales was playable in a few stealth missions, but nothing more. Then a mid-credits stinger suggested he might take on a more prominent role in a follow-up.

Morales was first introduced into the Marvel comic book universe back in 2011 in a separate continuity in which Peter Parker dies and Morales replaces him as the series’ first black Spider-Man. That continuity was eventually merged into Marvel’s main one in an absurd and incomprehensible series of extremely comic book events, paving the way for Morales and Parker to both coexist as Spider-Man and continue on in separate series.

While inspired by the comics, the PS4 Spider-Man game had its own take on the mythology, and seemed to be setting Morales up to be mentored by Parker. Based on the limited footage Sony showed it seems like whatever happens in Spider-Man Miles Morales will see its titular character become the city’s newest superhero.


  • Assuming it’s the same devs as the previous game, and I mean it would be insanity to take it from them, then I am absolutely down for this.

  • This is pretty much what I was expecting/hoping for when we got to see that credits sequence. Thumbs up!

  • I like how the music style changed. Because Miles is Black! Better make the music black too!

    • Get me the fuck outta moderation hell, Alex. Week 3 of asking. I’ve not done anything wrong. Fix it. Do your work.

  • It could work pretty well. as long as we keep Peter around as a mentor, we easily have our progression system. after all if he’s still figuring new things out then we can keep peter involved.

    I may have a bias though. Miles is probably the best legacy character marvel has had in a very long time, but is and will always be my spider-man.

  • It will be like Dishonoured Death to the Outsider stand alone game but could quite easily of been a substantial expansion.

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