The Internet Reacts To Destiny 2’s Slowly Exploding Spaceship

The Internet Reacts To Destiny 2’s Slowly Exploding Spaceship
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Today thousands of gamers around the world met in Destiny 2 and then spent like a solid hour waiting and waiting and waiting for the game’s first big live event. Eventually, something happened.

A big ship was destroyed. It took a long time, it wasn’t very exciting until the end and a lot of people were disappointed by the whole thing.

However, it wasn’t all bad! A lot of folks gathered together and had fun with emotes and posting about the event on Twitter. And because the whole thing took so long and was a bit late, it meant a lot of people on the internet had time to react. This took the form of a lot of jokes and memes.

Before the ship was destroyed, there were a lot of jokes about waiting…

But some folks made the best of the situation!

After the ship was destroyed, the jokes and criticisms continued to flow like low-level engrams.


  • The wait was certainly excessive, but i’ll admit shitposting during it was top fun, and the ending of the event was cool.
    So…. win win i guess? Totally worth staying up to nearly 5am

    • It’s a shame I couldn’t see it live, but it looked awesome. Glad they’re still up for trying new things, hopefully it continues to evolve.

      • Yeah the final 5 minutes (of 1 hour 30mins plus, lol) was genuinely great.

        It did literally nothing to save this from being the easily worst season/dlc in D2, but yeah credit for trying something new and doing it well (again, if excessively long).
        If they can have future seasons be of at least ‘season of dawn’ quality AND finish them with an event like this, I’d be more than happy enough for this new season design to continue.
        But a cool event does not save bad game content.

        • Agreed, I barely scratched the season pass ranks this time. I feel like the ideas are there, but it needs polish to the transition between seasons and the content within. If they can organically move the story along instead of an abrupt cut scene transition, that’s what I’m hopeful for. They’re clearly following in Fortnite’s footsteps, not a bad game to be influenced by, but they have so much more lore to work with.

          • Exactly, the ideas are there, but just not coming together well.
            While im no longer a big fan of fortnite, I have to say they’ve done the evolving world well, and made sure its actually happening in game as well as some cutscenes.
            If bungie can copy that then we are well on our way to a more exciting game.
            So yeah 100% agreed with all your points.
            Good luck in the coming season (if its hopefully good enough to drag you back in)

          • Haha true. It did look good. Will be cautiously optimistic, i do like the fact that at least they seem to be planning long term a bit more than they have in the past, actually gives some hope that they’ll develop the story in a logical and coherent way

          • Yeah definitely feels that way, especially by bringing the Stranger and past content/raids back into the fold in the future. The Cosmodorome was always my jam, knew that place back to front.

  • Stayed up till 3am and the next 90 minutes to watch it happen, might not bother with the next future live event unless the specify the time frame better.
    On a positive note it was fun having a full psn party of 16 clan members of which some haven’t played these past two seasons.

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