Cards Against Humanity’s Workers Are Unionizing

Cards Against Humanity’s Workers Are Unionizing
Image: CAHWU

Following the latest round of complaints over poor ownership and a “toxic” office culture, the workers at the company behind Cards Against Humanity have decided to unionise.

Cards Against Humanity Co-Founder Quits After Complaints Over Sexist, Racist Office Culture

Max Temkin, one of the original eight co-creators of Cards Against Humanity (and perhaps the most public of them) has resigned his position after numerous former employees came forward with allegations that he was the “harbinger” of a toxic work environment at the company’s Chicago offices.

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In a statement released earlier today, Cards Against Humanity Workers United announced that they had signed up with Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board, and are “optimistic” that the owners of the company will voluntarily recognise their decision.

“We have failed to make our anti-racist and anti-bigoted values explicitly clear”, CAHWU’s statement says. “Within the walls of our office, the trust between the staff and ownership has been eroded from years of abusive management. For too long, our employees have been kept in precarious, powerless, and outright toxic conditions.”

Citing other unionisation efforts at companies like Kickstarter and Gawker, they say one of their first orders of business will be to ensure the company’s contracted employees have the right to take up official employment, with all the benefits that includes.


  • I thought only 12 people worked at CAH, if that’s the case I don’t think this will go the way they think it will.

    • Yeah if anything i think this will be the beginning of the end of CAH.

      Some of the changes they want in the game itself completely ignore the point of the game.

      • Maybe I speedread too fast that I missed it, but what changes do they want to make to the game? Do they want to make it completely toothless?

        • it was never mentioned in the “article”. im guessing they want some form of 90% employees be trans a further 90% be homo or black. etc. nothing achievable through regular means.

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