EA Reveals FIFA 21, Sequel To FIFA 20

EA Reveals FIFA 21, Sequel To FIFA 20
Screenshot: EA Sports

Following the success of its football title FIFA 20, Electronic Arts has decided to release a sequel due later this year, called FIFA 21.

Once again based around the sport of football, and featuring licensed players, teams, leagues and stadiums, it will allow users to recreate the sport in both solo and, more commonly, in multiplayer modes.

should be right at home, since the sequel appears to have a lot in common with last year’s game.

Electronic Arts will be releasing FIFA 21 on October 9 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, with a PS5 and Xbox Series X version coming later in the year.

(Real talk: I’m normally one of the biggest opponents of the “hurh durh it’s just a roster update why do people even play sports games” crowd, but the final game of a console generation is usually, as appears to be the case here (and with competitors Konami), about as uninteresting and uninspiring as a sports game can get before more substantial changes arrive alongside new hardware.)

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  • I’m glad you clarified that FIFA 21 was a sequel to FIFA 20, because I wasn’t quite sure until you mentioned it.

  • Do you need to have played previous games? I didn’t play Fifa 1-20 and don’t want to miss out on the story

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