Here’s Halo Infinite Gameplay, Including The New Grappling Hook

Here’s Halo Infinite Gameplay, Including The New Grappling Hook
Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft kicked off today’s games showcase with a first look at gameplay of Halo Infinite. The assault rifle is back in all its glory. There’s a big map. Everything looks very pretty. And, oh, yeah, there’s a sweet grappling hook. See it all for yourself:

The grappling hook is a brand-new tool in 117’s arsenal, and it looks just as versatile as you’d expect. In the footage, Chief uses it to both pull objects toward him and pull himself toward ledges.

Another new addition is a highly stylised map. Here’s a snapshot:

Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTubeScreenshot: Microsoft

It’s unclear whether or not this map is an indication of an open-world Halo, a return to the wider levels of Halo games, or something along the lines of Halo 3: ODST. For those craving more Master Chief adventures, all possibilities are surely welcome, right?

Halo Infinite is out “holiday 2020.” It’ll release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, and be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.


    • Dated is the wrong word, stylised I think is more apt.

      There are some very strong design cues in Halo that have been built up over the years, and thats what I’m seeing here. I think the issue is people tend to treat Halo as sorta realistic, which is pretty dumb considering you are a green man mech fighting purple lizards and technicolour dwarfs with made by Mattel guns.

  • looks pretty bad tbh and im someone who has H5 as his favourite (strictly in gameplay department)

    AI enemies looks pretty bad/dumb still.

    Grappling hook im eh on as its own thing.
    Is mantling and thruster from H5 still there? if we lose them for grappling hook im mad. But also, if its in addition then honestly i think its a little too much.
    So overall i dont think there’s a good outcome there for me.

    That sprint as he goes up the ramp, looks like hes running on the spot. Just increase base speed by 30% and remove sprint. Keeps that classic halo ‘i can shoot at all times’ and gives us the modern feeling of speed that they seem to really want.

    And thats before we get into the graphics, gun redesigns, story choices etc etc.
    I was really keen for infinite until today, i genuinely cant think of something im happy about in this reveal.

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