Hey Let’s Watch Henry Cavill Building A Gaming PC

Hey Let’s Watch Henry Cavill Building A Gaming PC
Gif: Henry Cavill

The Witcher isn’t back filming yet, so noted heartthrob/PC gaming nerd Henry Cavill has some time on his hands. Enough to get to work building a new gaming PC, filming it, setting it to sexy music then letting us all watch.

Note from the blurred logos that this isn’t a sponsored video. It’s just a Henry Cavill video, turning some screws, making exactly the kind of innuendo that this soundtrack deserves.

I thought this was going to make me wish The Witcher was back already, but really it’s just made watch this video like five times.


  • Can someone tell me why the product names are blurred? I know the article says it’s not a sponsored video, so is it done a way as to not give these companies free advertising, or is it some legal protection thing, where some companies will get litigious or DMCAey if you use their products in the way they’re supposed to be used?

    • Having worked in the film industry, I can tell you this is standard practise. Don’t give anything away for free. They want it? They can pay for it. If everyone does this, it ultimately should lead to more ad money. It’s also a way of showing that this isn’t secretly an ad.

      • Hah! Well, I suppose big companies don’t need your help, even if you’re a pretty big movie star.

  • Forget the arms, that moment when the pins align and the little metal bar is carefully and gently lowered to lock it into place and it just works… Yeah, let’s watch that shit all day.

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