Horizon: Zero Dawn Releases On Steam And The Epic Games Store On August 7

Horizon: Zero Dawn Releases On Steam And The Epic Games Store On August 7
Screenshot: Sony/Guerrilla Games

Today, Guerrilla Games announced the PC release date for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The open-world game will launch on both the Epic Game Store and Steam on August 7. The developer also revealed some new features via a trailer for the PC port.

This version of the game will include new graphical options and settings, letting players unlock the framerate and play in superwide resolutions. It will also come bundled with the Frozen Wilds expansion. This port was first rumoured to exist back in January.

A PS5 exclusive sequel, Horizon: Forbidden West, was revealed last month.


  • This was my fav game of the generation and now I can aim with a mouse and have unlimited frame rates! Can’t fricken wait!

  • While nice to know they are releasing on Steam, would have been good to know from original launch (was aware of game when originally announched for PS4). And while I’ve finished on PS4 to me it’s a good game but not as great as The Witcher 3. Hope they announce the next game to release on PC, because no point buying a PS5 from what I’ve seen of it so far.

  • I have this game on PS4. I have only scratched the surface and found myself wishing to play it on PC.

    My wish has been granted (bins PS4 copy).

  • looking forward to it. what i am not looking forward to is the $70/$75 price tag for a 3 year old game. id happily pay ~$30 but that price is ridiculous. fingers crossed for lack of denuvo or it gets cracked quickly.

    • You’ve been looking forward to it so much that apparently you can’t wait a little while for it to drop in price, but you don’t think it’s worth paying $70 for?

      • no 3 year old game is worth $70. $70 is more than a brand new game is worth. wait for a price drop? its been 3 years already, shall i wait for my death? and maybe it will never come down in price. ive had most call of duty games on my wishlist in steam for years now and even when they go on sale they are still priced about 10x more than they are worth.

        at the end of the day the game should have been priced around $30 but since it isn’t, why wait?

        • The PS4 version is 3 years old and can be had cheap. The PC version is brand new and is not cheap. If you want it cheap, buy the PS4 version or wait for a sale on the PC version. This is not a complex issue.

          • not complex at all. $409 for a PS4 + $24 for the PS4 version… hmm that doesnt seem worthwhile. $70 for a 3 year old game that as you point out is cheap, $24 in fact. yeah that doesnt seem worthwhile either. pricing the PC version at ~$30 to cover the small extra cost involved in porting the game to PC (PS4 and PC are both x86 platforms, theres little work involved). now that seems reasonable.

          • So wait until the PC version comes down to $30. You’ve somehow managed to live 3 years without this game, I’m sure you can cling on for 1 more (probably less if the price trajectory of games on PS Store repeats itself here) . It’s not like there’s a shortage of other stuff to play while you wait.

  • Sweet!
    This is one of the games I was really sad to have missed out on not having a PS4.

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