This AMD Ryzen 3900X Deal is the Perfect Excuse To Upgrade Your PC

This AMD Ryzen 3900X Deal is the Perfect Excuse To Upgrade Your PC
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)
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Ryzen 3900X deals don’t come around often, and with good reason. It’s the best all-around productivity CPU with plenty of performance for games — and it’s super well priced for what it offers. Especially today. The deal comes courtesy of Amazon, who are currently selling AMD’S Ryzen 3900X for $687.39.

Amazon were offering a similar deal a few weeks ago, but this new sale comes with the added bonus of coming from an Australian supplier, so you can throw free shipping on top of it too. If you’re looking to build a new PC then this is the best deal you can get on a Ryzen 3900X in Australia.

Even with free shipping, you’re still saving about $80 to $100 from the next closest retailer. That’s a good chunk of money that can go towards a decent third-party cooler, a SSD for your Windows installation, or a nice gaming mouse if you haven’t got one already. (We’ve got a neat list here to get you started.)

You can go down the Intel route as well, although supply is a lot more limited. The best offer is on the Intel i7-10700 right now, available for $548 plus delivery. That’s not as good a deal compared to local retailers, though, so it’s probably only one to consider if you’re not going to grab other parts in the same shipment.

Either way, it’s still a good time to build a new PC. Just make sure you get a good PSU to go with it — those next-gen GPUs could be pretty power hungry.


Click here to buy AMD’s Ryzen 3900X.


  • Nice one Alex. That is super cheap for that CPU. (Just a typo fourth last para – 4900X). Did you get this deal all the way through to the cart + ordered? I’ve had a few situations on Amazon where it displays a price the whole way through the purchasing process – then defaults it over at the last stage in the cart.

  • Not “wala”. Voila. It’s a French word meaning “There you have it”.

    I know I’m being a terrible pedant, but this thing annoys the ever loving hell out of me. Professional writers need to write real words.

    • I wasn’t going for the French word, but I did misspell it (wallah, which is Arabic). Also to @onemanlan: A friend of mine successfully placed an order for that price.

      • Amusingly enough, I work at an Islamic school, and I read it as “wallah” and thought to myself – Oh he must me “Voila” and the place is rubbing off on me.

      • @ Alex. Thanks for confirming > Just wanted to check as I have a couple of mates I want to point this deal out to. Appreciated!

  • Mine came in about $2 more for some reason, but still, heck of a deal! I was in the market for a new CPU and this deal sold me on the 3900x. Great find, thanks for sharing Alex

  • Meanwhile I’m searching high and low for a Ryzen 3 3300X in stock. The cheapest (and only) one I found is on eBay for $265, the same price as the Ryzen 5 3600 on Amazon.

  • Just remember everyone, these are the first models whereas the xt is the updated ones with the better transistors, power management, more limitations on ram speed etc..

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