Chuck Austen Returns to Comics With Your First Look Inside Sci-Fi Western Thriller Edgeworld

Chuck Austen Returns to Comics With Your First Look Inside Sci-Fi Western Thriller Edgeworld
Contributor: James Whitbrook

It’s been over a decade since Miracle Man and X-Men writer Chuck Austen was making comics — but he’s back with an all star team for a new creator-owned series. It’s one that promises a heady mix of Firefly, Westworld, and Deep Space Nine, and we’ve got a first look inside.

Coming to Comixology as part of its originals lineup next week, Edgeworld teams Austen up with Spider-Girl’s Patrick Olliffe alongside colorist Lee Loughridge, letterer Jodi Wynne and editor Bis Stringer- Horne. The series, followes Killian Jess, a former intergalactic soldier turned magistrate who works to protect the planet Pala with one of its native beings, Cheela.

Image: Patrick Ollife and Lee Loughridge/Comixology

Together, Jess and Cheela must defend the backwater world from the usual kinds of threats a planet on the edge of known space usually faces — seedy criminals, alien aggressors, military expansionism. But Pala’s problems are amplified due to the fact that Pala sits underneath a massive wormhole unlike any other in the galaxy, a riftgate promising interstellar access unlike anything seen. In order to avoid the spotlight Pala has now been put under, the duo have to come together to save the world from being torn apart by outside interests and hidden threats.

“Pat Olliffe and I had worked together before at Marvel on a couple projects and enjoyed the process, me writing, him drawing, us collaborating on look, scenes, and mood,” Austen said in a press release provided to Gizmodo. “We’d talked before about working together again, but I’d left comics. One day we both finally realised, ‘Hey! Why don’t we create a comic for ourselves? Just for fun?’ One rocket-sled ride later, and here we are. We never created this to sell to a publisher. We created it to create and that was very freeing.”

“This has been a project long in the making,” Olliffe added. “Chuck and I have been wanting to work together on something like this for years and are thrilled to finally have it come together.”

Check out the first few pages of Edgeworld #1 below, making their debut here!

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Edgeworld #1 — the first in a five-part series — will be available exclusively on Comixology and Kindle from September 15, either for purchase or for free free members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited.

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