Sony’s Killer XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Going For A Song Again

sony xm3
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Sony’s XM3 noise cancelling headphones have been god-tier ever since they were released, and they’re still excellent even when compared to the newer XM4 models. And even better, they’re going for a pretty decent price today.

If you don’t care about talking through your headphones, the WH-1000XM3 has always had near-perfect noise cancellation and a lovely warm sound that makes them killer for listening to music on the go. They’re an absolute lifesaver for working in the office, or even from home if you’ve got a lot of external/ambient noise. They’re even a serviceable as a gaming headset, depending on your preferred genre.

Outside of sales periods, the XM3’s usually retail for closer to $400. Today, Amazon Australia is selling the black XM3’s for $325, which is some of the best pricing you’ll get outside of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.

The Sony Headphones app also lets you customise how much ambient noise you want the headphones to cut out. They also ship with a 3.5mm cable if you want to use them with other devices, and you can still enjoy the noise cancelling while in wired mode.

I’ve always preferred the XM3 over-ears to the noise-cancelling buds: they’re more comfortable for a wider range of people (particularly compared to the XM2’s) and they’ll get 5 hours of charge from 10 minutes.

For more info on the deal, head here to the Amazon listing or click on the “free preview” part in the box above.

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