The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remakes Are Full Of New Graffiti

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remakes Are Full Of New Graffiti

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a pretty damn good re-release, but not everything in the game is an authentic recreation of what came before. In the case of in-game graffiti, some new pieces were done specifically for the update, each of them paying tribute to the developers behind the release.

Vicarious Visions, the team responsible for the re-release (and who have very strong Tony Hawk’s pedigree from days of old), hired graffiti artist Diego Bergia (who we’ve featured here before) to do some work for the Venice level, but by the end of the project there were over 100 pieces, each of them shouting out someone who worked on the game (sometimes their name, sometimes a shortened version, sometimes a nickname), and they were used in most of THPS1+2’s stages, not just Venice.

Each of the new pieces was layered over the top of the old, and you can see a selection of them below.

And you can see more game graffiti stuff at Bergia’s site, who has also worked on games like Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Skate 2 and FIFA 20.


  • I must be getting old and jaded as I expected to read about the game company just stealing a whole bunch of ‘free’ street art from around the real streets of the US.

    Actually paying for new street art designs though? Wow, revolutionary. Soon all artists will be expecting to paid for their actual creations. Sarcasm aside, the purpose of the graffiti is pretty cool though.

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