Twitch Bans Smash Champion After He Admits To Having Sex With Minor

Twitch Bans Smash Champion After He Admits To Having Sex With Minor
Nairo was known for his Zero Suit Samus play. (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Super Smash Bros. veteran Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada has been banned from Twitch two months after admitting to engaging in a sexual relationship with a fellow competitor who was underage at the time. Quezada’s official partnership with Twitch has also been terminated.

The competitive Smash community was left reeling in July when over 50 allegations of sexual misconduct came to light against players, commentators, and tournament organisers of all stripes. The accusations included multiple alleged instances of rape, sexual assault, preying on minors, and grooming underage competitors. Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth contributed to the massive tide of complaints when, on July 2, he released a statement detailing a 2017 sexual encounter with Quezada. At the time, Lauth was 15 and Quezada was 20.

Despite both players having denied anything sexual occurred between them the day before, Quezada admitted to the incident shortly after the release of Lauth’s statement. He was dropped by his sponsor and has since been banned from several tournaments and disappeared from social media. According to TwitchMetrics, a third-party site that tracks Twitch performance, Quezada has not gone live since streaming his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate practice on June 30.

Quezada is one of several high-profile community members accused of sexual misconduct. Cinnamon “Cinnpie” Dunson, a prolific commentator who has worked with Nintendo, was said to have repeatedly engaged in sexual acts with a 14-year-old. Several women accused Super Smash Bros. for Wii U powerhouse Jason “ANTi” Bates of criminal acts including sexual assault and sex with a minor. Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios, one of the greatest Smash players of all time, admitted to sexual harassment and having a sexual relationship with a minor he met online.

A longtime competitor who has found success in the last several Super Smash Bros. games, Quezada’s behaviour came largely as a shock to the scene. But now that these stories are out in the open, the competitive Smash community must come to grips with the atmosphere of abuse it has allowed to seep into its events. Quezada’s ban from Twitch is just a small step toward making participation in the Smash community safer for everyone involved.

Neither Twitch nor Quezada responded to Kotaku’s request for comment.


  • My favourite part about reading CaptainZack’s statements and his discord chats detailing all the events, is that he actively pursued a sexual encounter with Nairo over multiple days, to the point of actively trying to and then succeeding in touching him in a sexual manner, multiple times.

    You can see in his discord chat that his aim was to have a sexual encounter with Nairo. Right from the beginning, and in his discord chat, Nairo, not once, initiated a sexual encounter.

    Then, by CaptainZack’s own admission, Nairo started paying him to be quiet because whispers had started and he knew how it would look.

    I do believe that CaptainZack didn’t blackmail Nairo at all in anyway shape or form.

    I get that onne was 15 and the other was 20, at the time… But the evidence, freely given by CaptainZack shows that he knew exactly what he was doing, and was the one actively pursuing and initiating each encounter, starting with little things, testing the waters and eventually pushing boundaries. That’s classic grooming 101.

    Nairo *should* be held accountable for the poor decisions he made but I fail to see how CaptainZack is a “victim” in this. *shrug*..

    Case in point. If a man actively pursued a woman, in the exact same manner that CaptainZack did with Nairo. The man would be accused of sexual coercion and rape. The woman never once vocalised the word “no”, and at first was hesitant with initial contact and such, but as the man was being more consistent in his pursuit and kept pushing that line, she slowly relents until the man finally gets what he set out to achieve. That’s coercion, and subsequently rape.


    • It really is just shit on all accounts.

      And the problem is people like the victim in this case simply don’t stop being manipulative and deceptive without serious intervention, especially if they’ve previously gotten away with it. As such this ‘victim’ will probably go on in life to instigate something like this (or worse) again because nobody dared to say, “Hey you still don’t get a pass for the fucked up shit you did here.” to them this time.

      • I’d like to not think like that, and would really hope this is a case of “one off”.

        But I have seen that exact situation play out many times, especially having previously worked in a highschool for a decade. Mate, the stories you hear from some of the kids made my skin crawl and blood boil.

        To me, this feels like a bit of a, “this person said it might sexual assault, so now I believe it to be sexual assault”, even though the evidence, presented by the “victim” blatantly says the opposite. Like in the Aziz Ansari fiasco from a little while ago.

        But I 100% agree with you on the “shit on all accounts.”

        • It’s not a one-off because the same player, CaptainZack, was also involved with another pro player, Ally, who was banned from the scene last year for the same reasons as Nairo. Zack clearly has a history of being involved in this kind of stuff.

    • You’re not wrong, but the law is pretty clear, and the law is written to have clear lines for good reason, even if it does mean that shit like this sometimes happens.

      But yeah everyone should stay the hell away from that CaptainZack dude.

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