A Lot Of People Accidentally Bought A Xbox One X Yesterday

A Lot Of People Accidentally Bought A Xbox One X Yesterday
Image: Microsoft

Oh no.

As you’d expect from the launch of preorders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, interest in the next-gen consoles was at an all-time high yesterday. But that wasn’t the only Xbox console that did real well amongst retailers.

Amazon’s international “Movers and Shakers” list, which tracks what items are trending the most on the store over the last 24 hours, shows that the Xbox One X had a massive surge of sales yesterday:

Image: Amazon

This isn’t the Australian Amazon page, thankfully. Over there, Aussies were at least sensible enough to grab the Xbox Series X, with Godfall the most popular game amongst yesterday’s preorder hype. (The new Shock Blue controller was also the most popular item, followed by the USB-C replaceable charging battery.)

Still, for those who bought the wrong thing … hope you can cancel those orders pretty easily. Can’t imagine how awkward it’d get unwrapping an Xbox One X under the Christmas tree only for someone to realise it’s the wrong console.


      • It’s the idiot customers’ own fault.

        If they just made video games their entire life to the point that it forms a core part of their identity, the difference becomes stupidly simple to understand.

        • On the one hand… I sort of feel in the case of this particular pre-order scramble the vast majority of people would have known the difference, I suspect some people just fucked up in the frenzy.

          On the other hand… I had to explain four times to a family member the other day that there is nothing but a cosmetic difference between the Nintendo Switch with the grey joycons, and the Nintendo Switch with the coloured joycons. So yeah, I can see the other side of where people are coming from too.

          I for one can’t wait for the Microsoft press release pointing out how easy it is to remember the difference between their consoles.

    • what is funny is that they were keen enough try and fight people for a new console they didn’t even know the name off….

      I could understand a parent going and buying the wrong console if a jerk salesman didn’t help them, but How do you not know the name of the console you’re fighting for?

  • Jokes aside, I really hope retailers are going to consider some kind of advice email to check in/warn people who bought xbonexes on the day the xsx was launching.

    Just a FYI to ensure there’s been no misrepresentation. Because fucking nerd eye-rolling aside, it is definitely an easy mistake to make for people buying gifts who will be less familiar than those steeped in the culture.

  • I look forwards to the inevitable repeat of events from 2001 when, ah, ‘enterprising’ eBay listings go up for an Xbox Box.

    … as in, the packaging the Xbox arrives in.

  • I cant bring myself to buy an Xbox at the best of times, but when they have such dreadful names its just the perfect justification for my stance.

    I am joking, mostly. I think.

  • Microsoft seen hell bent on having the most confusing naming convention for their consoles. This isn’t all that shocking.

  • I honestly feel really bad for the parents who don’t know the difference and were trying to do something awesome for their kids.

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