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In sports they call it a rebuilding year. Xbox One has had a few of those recently, but it’s an especially appropriate description of the console’s 2018.

This wasn’t a year for new hardware nor a major blockbuster exclusive game. The most exciting announcement to come out of Microsoft was the news that it is acquiring game studios and setting itself up for many more exclusive games in the years to come.


Out of all the next-gen games I've played this year, Forza Horizon is hands down one of the best looking and best optimised. So it's nice that there's an appropriate Xbox One X bundle, but it's not the only good bundle available.


FreeSync isn't the kind of technology that you see in TVs an awful lot. It does, however, appear quite frequently in computer monitors. And if you happen to have an Xbox One or Xbox One X plugged into your PC monitor, then you'll finally be able to take advantage of something rather neat.


Been waiting for an excuse to pick up an Xbox One X? Want to set sail for adventure in Sea of Thieves? Now you can sate both of those urges by picking up an Xbox One X with a free copy of Sea of Thieves.


Mirror's Edge took people by surprise when it released back in 2008. The first-person parkour game was transportive, making you feel the air rush past you as you bolted across rooftops. It's also one of the games that you can upscale to 4K on the Xbox One X.

Almost a decade later, not only can you play Mirror's Edge on a current console, you can experience a better version of it.