Hatsune Miku Is Helping To Prevent Covid-19 In Japan

Hatsune Miku Is Helping To Prevent Covid-19 In Japan

Wonder what virtual idol Hatsune Miku is up to? Doing her part to contain covid-19, that’s what.

The character has been appointed as a “Covid-19 Prevention Supporter.” Not sure what the hell that means? The Japanese government has enlisted an array of celebrities, athletes, business people, and one robot to make videos about preventing covid-19.

Here is Miku talking about her new role.

Which seems to be her telling people not to push themselves if they feel unwell and encouraging us to contain the virus.

As Twitter user Mikugerms points out, she will be providing more covid-19 prevention tips and will serve as a supporter until the end of next March. 

Stay safe everyone!

Thanks, Alex for the tip!


  • Wow, she’s already extremely busy with her singing and hardcore porn careers and she’s still got time for public service too?

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