Here’s What The PS5’s UI Looks Like

Here’s What The PS5’s UI Looks Like
Screenshot: Sony

Sony released a new trailer today showing off what it will be like to navigate the PS5.

Sony is calling the main menu screen for the console its “control centre,” and it’s all focused around letting you navigate the system without ever leaving the game you’re in. Take a look:


  • Looks neat, although I’m a little worried that the control centre view could just be a cluttered mess in a game with lots of activities and saved media. Interested to test it out.

    I guess that means themes are dead too – or at least I couldn’t see anywhere they’d fit very well with the active game/media taking most of the screen space in both interfaces.

  • It looks a bit messy but you can see the current control panel in there.

    I don’t know if I’m ready to get rid of my PS1 Anniversary Theme, I’ve gotten quite attached to it.

  • Hrrrrm.

    I see some things I like and some things I dislike, will never, ever, ever, ever use and hope can be hidden or impact reduced. Especially notifications about parties and shit.

    • Hey! That guy on your friends list you haven’t spoken to in several years has logged on!

      God yes, I hope the current options to shut down notifications stay in.

    • Yeah, that was the only bit I wasn’t keen on. I hope it’s possible to make those smaller and/or semi transparent so they’re less obtrusive.

      Ideally I’d like to be able to just have a little notification icon rather than the whole box box pop up in that corner for a couple of seconds. I could then press the PS button to go and view those notifications when I’m ready to do so.

  • I hope themes are still a thing and there are options to personalised the tiles, other than that I am pretty happy.

    Though the video made me disappointed, because it was the fastest 11 mins, the more they showed the more I wanted to see. I guess that is a good reaction to get from a viewer

  • That voice to text sounds very cool. I hate typing on a controller. Out of all the features that was my fav.

    I think a few of these features I wont use (like the in game guide stuff), but possibly for some games…?

    I think they mentioned the PS5 is always recording gameplay, does that means something like the shadowplay? I would love the ability to hit a button and get the last 30 seconds without thinking about whether or not I turned on record!

    I really like the picture in picture stuff, particularly the ability to watch my friends games. I actually love watching and streaming with my friends on discord, and I WISH they had that kind of feature where I could play my game and watch them too – thats really really social and I think its really cool.

    The quick resume stuff of course is critical, very happy to see the instant load into the game – and the general super snappy gui is also something I cant wait for – its a pet peeve to have slowdowns on the interface because a game is in the background or whatever on my PS4.

    • Re: capturing the last 30 seconds… the PS4 already does that. The PS5 just looks like a continuation of it.

      Any time you sit down to play, if you hit the ‘share’ button, you’re going to bring up a menu to choose between saving a screenshot, or the last I think 15-30min of gameplay. It’s just pretty much alwaysalwaysalways recording, no matter what. Once you’ve chosen the video option, you can then hop in, browse around to where your memorable moment happened and trim it. And you best do that while you remember, because video capture is one of the big contributors to my filling up my HD space. A gig of 30min video here, a gig of 30min video there…

    • When it said it’s always recording gameplay, I assumed they meant like the PS4 which does the same thing… Constantly records the most recent X minutes, saves it when you press the share button.

        • Hahaha how long have you had a PS4? It would be horribly hilarious if you’ve had it since launch and only discover this at the very end of the generation! 😀

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