Next-Gen No Man’s Sky Launches With The Xbox Series X/S And PS5

Next-Gen No Man’s Sky Launches With The Xbox Series X/S And PS5
Screenshot: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky’s biggest year yet continues in early November, when next-generation versions of Hello Games’ procedural space opera launch alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Existing console players get a free upgrade to more densely populated planets running at 4K 60FPS.

Capping off a year that’s brought mechs, living ships, and an expansive technical and visual overhaul to No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ is providing another extensive overhaul, this time for players purchasing or upgrading to one of November’s new consoles. Along with running faster and looking prettier with planets more detailed than ever before, the new versions will support crossplay and bring 32-player multiplayer to consoles for the first time. Players can work together to construct vast, cityscape-looking bases. Load times are five to ten times faster.

The PlayStation 5 version of No Man’s Sky also benefits from the system’s DualSense controller, with extensive haptic feedback, as well as enhanced sound courtesy of the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech.

All a player needs to engage in all these updates and more is a fancy next-generation game console. Or a computer. The PC version is getting all of this as well. The next-generation update will be live on November 10 for the Xbox Series X/S and November 12 for the PS5.

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  • Oh nice. Maybe the thing will finally be playable as intended. For me, while the load times were annoying, the REAL killer to the experience was draw distance and how slowly objects loaded. If you did a fly-over in a planet’s atmosphere, you could see the planet’s geography and objects being procedurally generated in front of your eyes and unfortunately usually not even until the objects were directly underneath your ship. It was an especially powerful immersion killer.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think that is hardware related as much as you might think… Maybe a bit more grunt will lessen it, but I have my doubts.

      I’ve been playing it lately on a PC which puts the framerate through the roof even at max settings (on an NVMe SSD to boot) and it still has that ‘circle of detail’ as namiwakiru put it.

      And it is a shame, because I’d be willing to trade a fair bit graphically for better draw distance in a game like this in particular.

        • Its not as bad as they are suggesting.

          I think you will find the added draw distance a lot better. The PS4 wasn’t just procgen issues, it was also texture loading that created that pop in, so you wont have that last minuet pop in under you occur, like it doesn’t on PC.

        • Understandable, though I’d rather crush the dream and have someone be pleasantly surprised by any performance increase… Rather than overhype it as if the pop-in simply isn’t a thing on higher end hardware, because it’s unfortunately just not the case.

          Sort of the nature of large scale procedurally generated games to always be there though I think.

          Not really related to your comment… But I’ve talked a few times recently with primarily console players hoping for leaps in performance with the new consoles, just trying to give my experience with certain games across different and increasingly more powerful PC hardware. Especially since I’ve just happened to have different combinations of gear on hand this year… Really just hoping to temper expectations more than anything. Because I think a lot of people will see their expectations met and/or exceeded, but some definitely have unrealistic hopes heading into next month.

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