One Of The Best USB Streaming Mics, Now In World Of Warcraft Flavour

One Of The Best USB Streaming Mics, Now In World Of Warcraft Flavour

Blue Microphones’ Yeti X is one of the most caster-friendly high-end USB microphones going, with cool features like on-mic LED volume metering and an outstanding software utility for tweaking every aspect of your voice recording. The Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition is all that with a cool black-and-gold rune-etched look and entertaining WoW-themed voice-changing effects.

Blue Microphones has long been known as a maker of relatively high-quality, no-nonsense recording devices. The Blue Yeti X, which debuted towards the end of 2019, is a Blue microphone that’s chock full of nonsense. Not bad nonsense. Mostly helpful nonsense, really.

Before we get to the nonsense, let’s cover the basics. The Yeti X World of Warcraft edition is a $200 USB condenser mic aimed at streamers and people who like having fancy mics on their desks. It’s got a four-capsule array inside, which helps the focus and clarity of its four pickup patterns — cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo. There’s a button on the back that switches pickup patterns, while the front dial controls mic volume, headset volume, and the sound mix between the two. Check out the official website for detailed tech specs.

Instead of the dots surrounding the dial on the basic version of the Yeti X, the World of Warcraft version’s LED level and volume indicators are laser-etched runes, matching the ones that run along the metal stand. The LED lighting is customisable, so Alliance players can go blue while Horde can go red.

Photo: Blue Microphones
Photo: Blue Microphones

The Yeti X’s nonsense is mainly confined to the Blue Voice app, an incredibly helpful piece of software that features all sorts of sound tweaks, voice presets, equaliser, and signal cleanup options. The mic doesn’t even have to be live to test out all of these settings. You can record a voice clip and use it to preview every little tweak.

Screenshot: Logitech / Kotaku
Screenshot: Logitech / Kotaku

The software comes loaded with a bunch of sound presets like “Bass Boost” and “Classic Radio.” It also comes with an assortment of Warcraft-specific voice changers, which can be applied on-the-fly. That’s my kind of nonsense. On top of that, there is a massive library of sound clips from the game, from iconic character lines to spell and ability effects. Put it all together and you’ve got me screwing around with audio clips all day long.

Isn’t that fun? Imagine how annoyed your Twitch followers will be when you busy out that robot voice and then spam them with Murloc sound effects. You’ll be the belle of the ball. Probably.

The Yeti X is an excellent USB streaming microphone. The Yeti X World of Warcraft edition is an excellent USB streaming microphone for people who play and possibly stream World of Warcraft. People who don’t play World of Warcraft can use it as well, I suppose.

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