Streets Of Rage 4 Elevator Skip Turns Into Dance Party

Streets Of Rage 4 Elevator Skip Turns Into Dance Party
Go Floyd, go Floyd, go Floyd. (Gif: Dotemu / Greenalink)
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Sometimes, you just gotta dance. And what better time to work on your moves than when skipping a huge section of Streets of Rage 4?

In a recent clip, speedrunner Greenalink demonstrates a new bug that allows Streets of Rage 4 players to bypass an auto-scrolling elevator section. While there’s still a bit of downtime, going outside the map means enemies spawn and then die immediately, greatly speeding up a sequence that normally requires the player to defeat every enemy before they can move to the next area.

It’s not a huge time difference — it saves just a few seconds compared to the strategy used by the current world record holder — but it’s consistent as long as you can get the out-of-bounds bug to work correctly.

The best part of the video, however, is that Greenalink takes the opportunity to turn Streets of Rage 4 from a side-scrolling beat-em-up into a dance party. Don’t let Floyd’s beefy exterior fool you; guy’s got some moves. This, combined with the game’s incredible synth-based soundtrack and neon-soaked city skyline, makes the entire affair feel like a cheesy ‘80s action movie.

And that’s an aesthetic that never goes out of style.

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