Fallout 4 Will Hit 60 FPS On The Xbox Series S

Fallout 4 Will Hit 60 FPS On The Xbox Series S
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Adding the Fallout series wasn’t the only big win Microsoft gets to roll out before the Xbox Series S and X launches. As it turns out, the baby next-gen console will even be able to run Bethesda’s notoriously finnicky vault simulator at 60 FPS.

Microsoft included footage of the Xbox Series S running Fallout 4 at a much nicer-looking 60 FPS in a new blog post talking about next-gen backward compatibility. The full post spoke about reductions in load times, auto HDR being implemented at the system level, and a simulated image showing the difference in games like Subnautica:

fallout 4 60fps

There was also talk about better texture filtering and anistropic filtering for “nearly all backward compatible titles”, although Microsoft didn’t outline which games missed out (or why).

But the bit that most fans are excited for is the potential of a doubling of frame rates: games that run at 60fps instead of 30fps, and games running at 120fps instead of 60fps.

One of those games is Fallout 4. Indeed, in the backward compatibility video below, it even seems like there are times when the original Fallout 4 version isn’t even hitting 30fps.

Still, this is all supposedly running on an Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series X should undoubtedly be just as capable, although Microsoft didn’t expressly say what the bigger console could achieve. But it all raises the inevitable question: will the PS5 be running Fallout 4 at 60fps, or the original, choppy 30fps experience?

It’s an interesting question, because it gives us one of the few points of contention between Sony and Microsoft. Bethesda’s buyout didn’t stop Fallout 4 from being part of the initial PlayStation Plus collection. But Sony hasn’t provided any guidance on what kind of performance benefits the game will get from the PS5’s hardware.

A similar question has cropped up around Bloodborne, particularly after Australian developer Lance McDonald rigged his own 60fps patch for the game.

It opens up an interesting argument: what are current-gen games going to be like on the next-gen hardware, particularly ones that haven’t yet been optimised for the new consoles? If more and more games enjoy the upgraded HDR and frame rate improvements that Fallout 4 is getting, and Sony can’t match that, then Microsoft might have a much stronger tool in their shed than people gave them credit for.


  • Auto HDR aside, which is pretty bloody cool, what I take away from the fps boost is that it comes down to if the game actually supports it or not.
    The only reasons I can think of that are stopping Fallout 4 from running at 60fps on the PS5 is optimisation or suppression.
    (I’m also slightly cynical given the past and current relationship between MS and Bethesda)

    Also while similar, the Bloodborne question is a whole other kettle of fish since we know that running that at 60fps is a question of redesign and not hardware/optimisation.

    • Frustratingly, when Fallout 4 was first run on the PS4 Pro it ran at 50-60fps’ish but when they introduced the (automatically-downloaded, bundled into everything else) pro patch, it dragged everything back down to sub-par 30fps and added fancier graphics options instead. And no option to choose between frames or graphics.

      Which is bullshit. Frames are more important. Just look at the video to see why.

  • Are there so few games coming out on next-gen consoles that people genuinely plan to play years-old games on the consoles they just forked out $500-750 for? The narrative around these new consoles feels perplexing. Backwards compatibility is a feature people value more in theory than in practice: nobody is buying these consoles to play fallout 4 at 60fps surely. It feels like this next generation is still looking for a reason to exist, so far most of the attention has been given to how many old games each one can play, and how well. Seems a strange discussion about a new console. New graphics cards aren’t promoted with promises that you’ll be able to get an extra 30fps on your favourite 5 year old game.

    • Maybe I’m an outlier but whenever I’ve upgraded to a new PC I have always installed a bunch of games to see how they looked/ran compared to the old one – this is basically the same thing.

    • For me there’s a whole stack of games I never played over the last 7 to 10 years. It’s bloody fantastic to have the option to play them at 60fps and and with auto HDR. I will return to good games and play them again. It’s also just bloody cool to have a huge games library all come across, with saves, and all looking and playing better. I can legit put away every xbox console I’ve ever owned and never get them out again. The list is pretty big

    • I actually think the short answer to you question is.. Yes.

      There are only a few ‘Next Gen’ games coming out (which aren’t also coming out on current gen) so there’s not that big next leap. I think the fact that the next generation is only iterative on the current shows that people can still play their current games but they will look and play a lot better than they do now and many are OK with that.

      The next gen consoles seem to be about refining current gen and having small creature comforts, like quick resume, faster loading, etc. The same could be said of mobile phones (which the console market is quickly emulating) where the next phone which many scramble to get day 1 does everything the same, just a little quicker and prettier.

  • Do we know if Skyrim SSE will get the 60fps boost and decreased loading times? I would love to be able to walk through the doors in the game world as if they were never there ????

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