Cyberpunk 2077’s Photo Mode Is Pretty Powerful

Cyberpunk 2077’s Photo Mode Is Pretty Powerful
Image: YouTube (CD Projekt Red)
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Photo modes are pretty standard in games, but they can also be fairly limited depending on how they’re implemented. The Cyberpunk 2077 photo mode, fortunately, is suitably powerful.

CD Projekt Red showed off their Photo Mode in a new trailer early Thursday morning Australian time. It’s basically broken into five sections, with options for camera movement, depth of field and manual aperture control, the ability to automatically set a range of poses from multiple categories, different effects and filters, and if you want, stickers.

The photo mode trailer didn’t show how much freedom you’d have during important cut-scenes/dialogue moments — although given that V can usually walk around during dialogue, as per our preview, there’s a good chance this is unrestricted as well.

Seeing the photo mode in all its glory is a huge bonus for anyone concerned about the opportunities they might have to actually see their character in third-person. There’s no word on whether Cyberpunk 2077 will do a Fallout 76, using the player’s photos as background for the loading screens.

You can see the full video and the various tools below. Fair warning: if you’re photosensitive, there’s some flashing lights towards the end of the video that you might find uncomfortable. I’ll be keen to see what kind of portraits and landscape shots of Night City people end up taking. I don’t think we’re going to get Last of Us 2-level beauty, because the character models don’t have this level of fidelity. But where there’s guns, explosions and lots of beautiful neon lights, surely some lovely shots will follow.


  • I feel like I’ll be using this more than I normally would use a photo mode, just to build a personal story and see more of the V that I’ve created. Like you mentioned, the absence of third person perspective does come with some disadvantages, part of which is missing out on that closeness you build with your character by seeing them in action, seeing them react.

    I really liked the in-game cutscenes which have shown us V’s face in scripted moments, and hope there’ll be more like that.

    • Agreed. If the cut scenes work hard to reveal your character more, I think people will live without that 3rd person perspective.

  • Photos as a loading screen is actually pretty cool. I don’t really look at anything after I’ve taken it tbh. But some loading screens use concept art which is also nice to see.
    I’m not sure if they’ll use it here though. Didnt they say there’s no loading screens? Maybe for the old gen

  • The flexibility with how you position your character in the scene within the photo editor is pretty impressive. Can’t say I’ve seen that level of detail with posing and placing before.

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