Halo Infinite Isn’t Coming Out Until Spring 2021 At The Earliest

Halo Infinite Isn’t Coming Out Until Spring 2021 At The Earliest
Image: Halo: Infinite

343 Studios just announced that Halo Infinitea game that was supposed to launch alongside the Xbox Series X last month — now won’t be released until at least spring 2021.

The lengthy delay was made in a long post made on the studio’s site, and while it goes into all kinds of detail on features being added to multiplayer, and how the art team have “already yielded progress on the visual fidelity front” (a key criticism from some of Infinite’s last big gameplay demo), the real news is the length of that delay.

For a game that was originally a key part of the new console’s November 2020 launch lineup, this new Sep-Nov 2021 constitutes a delay of almost a year, for a game that was only a few months ago supposedly almost done.

Of course, in that time a lot has happened; not only has a global pandemic thrown development schedules into chaos, but this project in particular has been hit with a number of key departures, to the point where Halo veteran Joseph Staten had to be parachuted in to get the game “back on track”, only to then lose one of the game’s directors shortly afterwards.

The statement ends by saying “On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your patience and your passion. We can’t wait for you to join us on the Halo Infinite adventure, first with Insider flighting later next year, and then when we ship in [spring] 2021.”


  • Im not quite sure 343 knows exactly what to do with Halo.
    So its probably best for all parties it goes back in the oven for quite some time.

    • The game might actually be really good, we have nothing to say it isn’t. Visuals are fixable if you have the time.

      • The halo 343 games have been pretty disappointing in different areas.
        So im not so sure just throwing new models on everything will suddenly fix everything, but we have just under a year to wait.

      • We have 2 previous games from the same developer and a very tumultuous development cycle that don’t bode well.

  • FFS I’m so tired of the use of seasons as a release date window.

    Everyone knows, there are hemispheres where the season is completely different. I know the vast majority of people live in the Northern, but why can the Northern seasons still be used as release dates?

    Why can’t they just say Qtr 3-4 of calender 2021? We don’t even use the vernacular ‘fall’ in Australia..

    • I’m with you there, it’s really annoying and often confusing.

      It shows that generally Americans don’t consider other countries at all.

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