Sephiroth Is Coming To Smash

Sephiroth Is Coming To Smash
Screenshot: Nintendo

During tonight’s broadcast of The Game Awards, Nintendo announced that Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth will be heading to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sephiroth is the latest character — after ARMS rep Min Min and Steve Minecraft — to join the massive Ultimate roster as part of the second fighter bundle, and the eighth post-release character overall since the game first launched in late 2018. His appearance contributes to what I assume is Nintendo’s mission to turn Ultimate into the biggest crossover in history.

Nintendo’s relationship with the Super Smash Bros. community has been fraught as of late. Last month, the corporation shut down an important grassroots tournament over concerns that event organisers were going to use “illegally copied versions” of Super Smash Bros. Melee to run their online competition. Fans of the fighting game series have since started and sustained an online #FreeMelee campaign in protest.

Sephiroth will arrive in Smash sometimes this month.


  • Sephiroth being cool aside..

    Can someone please explain to me why the big uproar over ninty shutting down that tourney?

    It seemed pretty cut and dried from what ive read. Tourney is using an app of sorts to jmprove netcode since jts all online. The app itself not the oroblem. The problem being the app needs a copied version to run. Backup copies are legal as long as its for private personal use. But as far as i know using a copy in a competition where cash prizes are involved isnt exactly going to fall under private personal use anymore right?

    So did I miss anything?

    • Slippi mod was the only way possible to host a remote tournament for the old version of Smash which is still popular in the tournament scene especially in this pandemic…. since the older game has terrible net code and is pretty much abandoned by Nintendo in favour of the Switch version now.

      The tournament made the choice either not use Slipping, and host a Switch only tournament or tell Nintendo to No.

      They said No, and Nintendo got lawyers involved. Despite “fair use” claims under US law, fair use can only be proven in court and Japan law is actually stricter on fair use.

      • Thanks for the spiel!

        So with Fair Use I assume instead of using US law they tried to use Jp law where you need permission to use content correct? Hence the whole fair use argument in play.. which yeah is incredibly strict and very hard to circumvent.

        But my second question though is even if it clears US fair use laws (which i feel doesnt though but im not a lawyer =P) doesnt this still technically fall foul of anti piracy laws either way? Because it still doesnt clear the “private peronal use clause” of the copies being used in tournament and all..

    • Boxhead is wrong, Fair use does not exist in this case as lawyers have brought up.
      Melee/Splatoon crew are being their usual toxicselves thinking nintendo would okay the entirely illegal process because covid, they were wrong, asked them to stop,they said no, nintendo threw the ol reliable C&D at them.

      • Well fair use claims is what the tournament crew said… didn’t say it was valid. Everyone “ceases”in the end.

        • Yeah, the Melee community is deluded enough to not know anything, and then claim a legal argument without it being anywhere close to legal and be nowhere near any other copyright/ip law legal argument either and then try to say they are the good guys.

  • My question how long will the sword reach be in Smash… cause I feel like everything I see old Seph it gets bigger.

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