Absolute Legend Remakes Burnout 3 Inside GTA 5

Absolute Legend Remakes Burnout 3 Inside GTA 5
Image: Reddit

At its best, the creativity and persistence of gamers and gaming communities can create pure magic. Or in this case, recreate magic, as evidenced by this Burnout 3 recreation from one clever Grand Theft Auto player.

User LucasRPDJ, an experienced hand with GTA 5‘s in-built editor, posted their initial recreation of their Burnout 3: Takedown love letter online a few months ago. It was well done, although it didn’t get a huge amount of attention at the time.

But what people didn’t know at the time was that LucasRPDJ wasn’t just recreating the Burnout 3: Takedown intro. They were actually putting in the time and effort to recreate a basic menu UI with options, alternate cars, a full race, effects, multiple camera angles, slow-motion crash-cam footage, different tracks, environments and terrain.

The whole video runs for almost 10 minutes. It’s an incredible advertisement for the power of the Rockstar Editor. You have to appreciate the efficiency too: the creator started the project only four months ago.

So I recreated Burnout 3 Takedown on GTA Online [Full Video] from r/Burnout

I remember a ton of nights with mates from high school playing pass-the-controller rounds of Burnout 3‘s crash mode. And even though there have been attempts to revive Crash mode in other forms — like the indie game Danger Zone — nothing quite matches the magic of the original.

With the amount of machinima made in GTA 5, and the constant speculation — particularly from the financial world — it makes you wonder how powerful the next Rockstar Editor will be. There’s some suspicions that we might see an ad for GTA 6 at the Superbowl next week. That might be a bit high profile for GTA though: GTA 5 was announced with an image and a very short post on the official website. Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced the same way: an untitled image posted online, followed by confirmation of the game’s name and an official trailer 24 hours later.

But until that’s on the cards, at least we have GTA 5 and GTA Online to enjoy. Not to mention all the incredible creations people keep making with the Rockstar Editor.


  • That’s pretty goddamn great.

    I *really* wish they’d do a remake/remaster of Burnout 3, I used to love playing it way back in the day when it first came out. Would come home, crash into my couch (pun not intended), go onto Xbox Live and play against whoever. I remember at one stage, I ended up actually playing against some guys from the studio ‘Melbourne House’, which became Krome Studios, which was awesome 🙂 One of my other mates ended up playing some of the actual devs of Burnout 3, who were always playing the damn game!

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