CD Projekt Red Apologizes For Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Says It’s Avoiding Crunch On ‘All Future Projects’

CD Projekt Red Apologizes For Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Says It’s Avoiding Crunch On ‘All Future Projects’
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red

In a video on Twitter and Q&A posted on the company’s website, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński apologised for the state Cyberpunk 2077 launched in on consoles, shared a road map for updates to the game coming in the future, and said the studio would deliver these fixes “without any obligatory overtime.”

Here’s the full video:

In it, Iwiński tries to address many of the criticisms of the Cyberpunk 2077 since its December 10 release, many of which have revolved around extremely poor performance on PS4 and Xbox One and the fact that the company seemingly tried to hide this version of the game from reviewers prior to release, despite the studio routinely downplaying concerns about how the game played on those platforms.

“Every extra day that we worked on the day zero update brought visible improvement [to the console version] — that’s why we started sending console review keys on the 8th December, which was later than we had originally planned,” Iwiński says. In Kotaku’s case, a review code for console wasn’t recieved until December 9, the same day the game became playable in some regions.

In trying to explain the gap in quality between the PC and console versions, he cites issues with trying to scale the game down to meet the restrictions of the older hardware. “We made it even more difficult for ourselves by first wanting to make the game look epic on PCs and then adjusting it to consoles — especially old-gens,” Iwiński says. “That was our core assumption. And things did not look super difficult at first, while we knew the hardware gap, ultimately, time has proven that we’ve underestimated the task.”


    • This seems weird to me. If the roadmap is meant to be read in a left-to-right direction, then it seems like they’re releasing the ‘free DLC’ before they have the next gen update rolled out. Why is the next gen patch the last thing on their current roadmap? Surely it would make sense to take care of the next gen update first, so that console players could actually have a better experience when it comes to playing the DLC content.

  • Reactionary knee-jerk nonsense, insincere to the extreme, mentioning no obligatory crunch going forward and a generic Corpo Roadmap excuse to fix what was released ‘when it’s ready (we leave the greed to others)’ oh what heroes, Seedy PR has lost all credibility and respect.

  • Imagine my lack of surprise. Everyone on console should be requesting a refund on principle after this bullshit statement. This is an admission that they released a game that needed at least another year of delays minimum before it was remotely playable and then it’d still be missing features. I hope the ACCC sets an example like they did with Sony and Steam.

    • Steam and GoG offered full refunds pretty much as soon as possible so they complied with ACL, it was a slower and mixed response from Sony that may catch ACCC eye on this cause Australian Sony owners were reporting getting falsely misleading North American styled responses refusing refunds in the first week.

      The biggest challenge to CDPR is Polished regulators and their own Shareholders. More surprised we haven’t heard of any heads rolling at CDPR, there was some seriously bad executive decisions that led to this.

      • It took me over two weeks to get a refund from GOG after weeks on replies. I had already initiated a chargeback and told them as such, then magically I had a real person offering me my money back. Does that sound like a good consumer experience to you? Blizzard offered me my WC: Reforged money back and had it being sent back within hours, for comparison. CDPR itself is a lying pack of scumbags and I would recommend that everyone with the remotest concerns get their money back rather than rely on established liars.

        And @m2d2, sorry mate, but the company being serial liars is relevant when they’re offering a “roadmap” that they’re likely to fail again since they couldn’t even manage the release the game properly the first time. Add that to them requiring notice of a chargeback to do anything? Get your money and run, salty fanboys be damned.

          • Cry more fanboy. No amount of your shilling will make them a less shit company. I expect to see you crying just as much when EA gets done for selling gambling features to children. Chop chop!

          • “that’s one of the worst apologies I’ve heard from a videogame company.”
            You must have missed some of the EA/Blizzard/Ubisoft apologies in the past to the point they dont even give them these days.

          • Mate, I know English is a bit of a struggle for you, but you don’t have to play content to be a fan otherwise Let’s Play, Twitch streamers and professional football wouldn’t be popular either. I’ll let you get back to sobbing about how CDPR are tragically misunderstood etc etc whatever script is being peddled by the delusional these days.

          • This guy hasnt stopped crying and complaining the entire time like CDPR came to his house and kicked his dog and fucked his mother.
            Yet has the audacity to tell others to cry more and claim they are fanboys when they laugh at him acting like a petulant child when all he fucking does is whinge.

            Havent watched a lets play. Dont have a twitch account. Havent watched a stream, got no idea what that has to do with any of the points your trying and failing to make, Professional footballers? Stop smoking meth you utter crackpot.
            Havent even played witcher 3 more than 30 mins.
            Dont even kiss CDPRs ass. Just love pointing out what a child you are and continue to act like every time you post about anything.
            The only one crying here is you, which you do endlessly.
            Keep the salt flowing. You can bottle it and make your money back from how long it took your inpatient ass to get a refund.

          • And yet for all my complaints, you could’ve just ignored them like a mature, functional adult. But no, here you are crying, because someone dared to voice a complaint about a negative consumer experience and warn others about the risks. It really says far more about you than it does me, mate. I make a comment or two and go away without special individuals like you replying, but here you are writing an essay (that I didn’t read beyond the first line) about how much that hurts fee fees and how LOLOLOLOL you are because of it being pointed out. Sure, buddy, we believe you.

            Less QQ more pew pew.

          • Its pretty obvious you didnt read when you tried to claim English isnt my strong point as you were just endlessly throwing your own faeces at keyboard to show how angry you were and still are.
            Only one endlessly crying is you, only one going on and on about how the big bad company hurt you is you. Shall i repost some of the long rants youve gone on because a game was bad? Cause you havent shut up about in months even after you claimed you were done.
            No one is buying what you are selling, Its classic misdirection.
            Keep pumping out the salt.

          • Mate, did you miss your meds today? Did you not hug your therapy pillow? I hope you’re at least doing something productive like cleaning your house or getting some work done while wasting your time on these long essays. At least tell me you put this much effort into cleaning your sink.

          • No. No. These arent long essays Salt Man. No.
            Keep whinging about big bad corporations who do things you dont like and make out its the end of the world.

          • Not cleaning my sink. Thought ive heard Salt helps the cleaning process. Ill drop by and drop a bucket under you with how much you keep on spilling out to help the process when i do.

        • Mate, if you’re done with the kitchen sink, there’s still the bathroom and the laundry sinks. Get a move on it.

          • You sure have a fascination with other people cleaning, its almost as strong as your fascination with yelling at companies.

          • Are you done with all the sinks yet? What about your oven? Maybe go give that some spit shine.

    • Why should I get a refund when the game works mostly fine except a few bugs? Valhalla is acting up way worse than that. I am not going to request a refund because some gamers are overreacting and want to make this into some huge statement. People are dying in the thousands currently, who has time for that sort of bollocks. Of course that was going to impact their business. It has impacted ALL OF OUR businesses.

  • I couldn’t even get through that. I enjoyed the game on PC, but yeah this is a completely phoney “panic / try and save our shares / investments / face” stunt.

    • He can’t say anything of substance or the investors will crucify him.

      It’s pure face saving.

      “Please continue to buy our product “

  • I’m curious as to why they’re focusing on the free DLC over the Next-Gen upgrade, as one of their main goals was to make it look as good as possible for PC. One would assume a similar focus in the console space?

    Maybe it gives them a bit of mid-year goodwill once everything is running a lot smoother (hopefully) or maybe they want to re-package and sell some sort “Complete” edition for the PS5 and XSX(S) at the end of the year when the narrative is a bit more positive for them.

    Hopefully the Next-Gen versions don’t come with their own laundry list of issues, personally I’ve had my fill of crashes so hopefully the next patch will address these before I continue on.

    Will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out for them

  • Isn’t this more or less the script we heard, minus the apology, after the intense crunch period in developing The Witcher 3? Why would anyone trust them this time?

    The talk of ‘we’ is pretty gross here too, because it sounds like he’s referring to the whole company, but really he’s only speaking for the management – it seems clear the devs repeatedly raised concerns over CDPR’s schedule and management just ignored them (while working every one of them to the bone to meet their planned release window). I don’t know, given how late it came and how corporate it sounded that’s one of the worst apologies I’ve heard from a videogame company.

    • “that’s one of the worst apologies I’ve heard from a videogame company.”
      You must have missed some of the EA/Blizzard/Ubisoft apologies in the past to the point they dont even give them these days.

      (dont know why the first comment broke and replied to louies petulant child whinging)

        • Then once again, he hasnt been paying attention or has a very short memory.
          Video games companies either dont give apologies PERIOD and stick their fingers up at you with a “we got your money, we dont care”. Or they give ones like that OR WORSE.
          Even though louie will accuse me of being a CDPR fanboy, Compared to the apologies on offer in the last, lets say, 5 years in video games, its one of the best on offer from a big developer.
          EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft & Bethesda all have released FAR WORSE and insulting apologies, some of which even refuse to accept any blame or use the words “im sorry”.
          (doesnt mean i think its a good apology either, just means im jaded to the point where im going “this is the best youll get, and if you want more, youll never get what you want”)

          • Oi, stop your petulant child whinging about people’s rightful dissatisfaction about crap product releases and get back to cleaning your sink. You’re not the arbiter of what people can and can’t complain about on the internet. Go do something useful and make sure you used enough degreaser on that oven door instead of attempting to police the speech of consumers.

          • See, told you he would pipe in with a comment that makes no fucking sense considering this was a discussion on apologies, he also likes to copy other peoples statements on him like hes still in primary school with a “im rubber your glue” level of insult as well as being utterly obsessed with cleaning sinks, was this your punishment when your parents wanted to discipline you?
            You obviously are ‘special’ with some of your other rants on this site.
            Why dont you have a go at nintendo again for not being on board with piracy and saying they are one of the worst companies ever.
            Never smoke Meth kids. Youll end up like Louie here.

          • So the companies that don’t apologise won’t register in the “bad apologies” column.

            You’re proving their point.

          • They dont appear because people like CAD and yourself expect apologies that no one will ever give.
            *rollseyes @ PAF*
            I do find it amusing when someone brings up the fact things arent as bad as the hyperbole machines like to make it out to be, youre suddenly on some ones payroll/fanboy.

    • that sounds like hyperbole to me…

      just out of interest, is anything they could have possibly said would have made a difference? I am guessing not, it certainly sounds like you have made up your mind and you have interest in reasons or words.

      • Aside for the first 2 lines if it stopped a minute in I think it’d be alright actually – it’s the framing of the whole thing and pretty much everything after the first minute that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

        So how could they improve?

        First of all explain in public (not to investors) that management were pushing the devs beyond what the devs repeatedly claimed they were capable of in the timeframe – a proper apology needs to accept responsibility for their actions. They do arguably do this up until minute 1, but everything after that sounds to me like a ‘but’ or an excuse where they claim not to have seen or understood the issues the game had.

        Second – don’t make a promise you already, very recently and publicly, broke (crunch / mandatory over time). There wasn’t even an attempt at apologising for breaking that promise before making it again which really rubs me the wrong way and just feels slimy as hell.

        Third – at least try to hide that you’re only sorry you got caught. It’s absolute BS management thought the base consoles would be up to scratch in the timeframe between the second last and last slated release dates, we know the devs told them as much and claiming they didn’t ‘see’ the problems people had once the game launched isn’t good enough – they advertised a finished product – and they didn’t deliver for the largest potential install base at launch. I don’t buy it, investors didn’t buy it and I expect the public won’t either.

        Fourth – if you’re going to make an apology, maybe do it in a timely manner, not after announcements of lawsuits, records of private investor calls and, most tellingly, after christmas.

        Fifth – keep your first real apology seperate from your boasts about how big the game is (and how weak ‘old gen consoles’ are as DogMan pointed out below). We know that it’s a challenge, we know there’d be major differences between the PC version and the base consoles – but the base consoles were the target for the minimum spec release at every point during development – they had the option to target next gen, but because they didn’t I don’t think they should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the performance on last gen consoles. People weren’t going to be angry it would run at or below 720p, they expected that, they just didn’t expect texture pop-in to be counted in seconds or framerates to drop below 15 fps in firefights – that’s just not acceptable before you even get to the glitches and that it was launched like that with press releases more or less straight up lying about it is what people were actually angry about.

        I fully expect (and hope – I would like to play it despite my own misgivings about the direction the game seems to have taken) they will eventually fix it, but if that’s the route they’re going to go down at this late stage I think they should have just gone down the No Man’s Sky / Hello Games path – stay out of the public eye and ‘apologise’ through actions. Fix the base console performance issues, clear up as many bugs as possible, release the next-gen optimised versions and polish the game on both consoles and PC then talk about how they (and by they, I mean management) screwed up.

    • Yeah. It’s clear that CDPR grew way too big way too quickly. They couldn’t seem to handle the expansion/pressure of the project’s scale with The Witcher 3 and it looks like that continued with Cyberpunk 2077. I don’t think anyone wanted it to play out this way and it sucks but that’s how it played out.

      I just can’t imagine looking at this and thinking ‘yep, this is still the team that built up all that good will’. I’m not suggesting we hang them all but we can’t act like they accidentally tripped and repeatedly fell into shitty management practices.

      • Also using ‘old-generation consoles’ instead of ‘PS4/XBOX One’ just stinks of trying to take advantage of the ‘it’s your own fault for playing on shit hardware’ line of thinking that’s been doing the rounds. They specifically targeted the PS4 and XBOX One playerbases and these issues aren’t the results of crummy obsolete hardware. Maybe it was unintentional and I’m being overly sensitive but I still feel like they’ve thrown console players under the bus from start to finish with this.

  • We promise not to crunch any further video games… We will instead use different sounding buzz words with more positive spin like “proactive schedule acceleration” when our Shareholders inevitably force us to maximize the short term profit potential for our projects.

    • Unlike Blizzard, they’ve lost Zero Grace points for me. Blizz’s fall from Grace is just how they’ve been over the last decade or so, with the exception of Diablo 3 switch.

      CDPR needs no apology for me, but then again, I’m playing it Cyberpunk on PC.

    • No really. I mean if you are the type of person who immediately jump on someones failings, without being willing to to listen or understand how they came about. Sure it might be.

      But for the rest of us, a company that normally has a gone reputation screws up, in a year in which virtually everyones lives and careers and businesses, are either going under or barely surviving. Peps like like EA and Ubisoft and Bethesda all have a LONG history of doing this, and you are getting hysterical cos they have done this once.

      Give me a break.

      • Dude, you have a pretty well documented history of being critical of that which you don’t like and defensive of things you do.

        Your not special, you’re just a normal person who happened to fall on one particular side this time around.

        • Im not the one overreacting to the first major stumble of a previously ‘okay’ company, in a year when virtually all companies are all struggling, and trying pretend that it is somehow the worse thing ever.

  • I am disappointed the next gen patch could possibly be a year away. I was going to wait but the game that there is is just too damn good.

    I really wish some people could separate the two issues… the terrible launch of base consoles and the game itself.

    • Not sure you want to pull on that thread too hard. The bugs are deflecting criticism of a game with more than it’s share of design problems. There’s some really cool stuff there but there’s also a mountain of dead space, a massive gap in detail between the mannequins populating the city and anyone who matters, the painful opening rails, the technically impressive but functionally weak character creation tool, the awkwardness of most aspects of the city layout/design, etc.

      I like the game, unless I run into something major I’ll 100% it, and I’m having a relatively smooth experience compared to people on XBOX Ones/PS4s, but there’s a lot about this game that’s flying under the radar thanks to the bugs.

  • Lol at that timeline at the CDR link. Ignore what’s prior to 2021 – that’s history, not new information. So 2021 has patch 1.1, and then (wait for it) patch 1.2. Plus the entire year is greyed out for further improvements and enhancements. As an author of dodgy one-slide briefings and infographics, I salute you.

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