PlayStation Store Pricing Error Lists Greedfall At £10,000

PlayStation Store Pricing Error Lists Greedfall At £10,000
Image: Focus Home Interactive

Greedfall is one of three games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at social media.

Screenshots shared on Reddit and Twitter throughout the week show that some sort of pricing error has listed the role-playing game at £10,000 rather than its regular price. While the bug seems to be most prevalent in the United Kingdom, posts exist showing Greedfall priced in euros and Israeli new shekels as well.

Discussion of the error has become so prevalent that one r/PlayStation thread begs users to stop talking about Greedfall altogether.

According to reports by IGN and Gamesradar, similar pricing errors have popped up on the PlayStation Store since at least September 2020, affecting games like Street Fighter V and Dead Cells. They appear to be confined to the PlayStation 4.

I have no doubt some folks out there like Greedfall a great deal, but I don’t see it being worth a 22,000% price increase, so maybe hold off until this whole thing is sorted out.


  • Totally worth it!!

    (I’m kidding, I kinda wish I had waited for this game to hit PS+ rather than pay full price but I was keen for a good RPG fix at the time)

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