Slay The Spire Is Being Turned Into A Board Game

Slay The Spire Is Being Turned Into A Board Game

The incredibly deep roguelike deck-building RPG Slay the Spire will get the tabletop treatment, board game makers Contention Games recently announced, letting people explore the game’s inventive card battles together in real life.

According to Contention’s website, the Slay the Spire board game will allow for up to four players, with rounds taking about 45 minutes each (a little bit less than beating an entire run through the existing video game).

Screenshot: Contention Games, Fair Use
Screenshot: Contention Games, Fair Use

There isn’t a whole lot of other information about the tabletop version yet, but based on the description it seems like the basic premise of fighting through a series of dungeons using cards to attack and cast spells will remain intact.

Contention, which has also made the card-based 4X strategy game Imperium: The Contention, is holding an official Kickstarter for the Slay the Spire board game some time this autumn. (Imperium was also funded this way, with sets having just shipped out to backers.)

Lots of video games have been getting tabletop adaptations recently. Just last September, CMON announced it would make an official board game based off the cinematic shooter The Last of Us. Slay the Spire, being a video game that pretty much already plays like a tabletop one, should be a more straightforward adaptation.

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