Slay The Spire Leaves Early Access

Slay The Spire Leaves Early Access

Slay the Spire spent over a year in Early Access. In that time the deckbuilding roguelike has had countless updates, tweaks, additions and balance changes. Now Slay the Spire has officially launched.

To celebrate Slay the Spire’s launch, developers Mega Crit have posted an announcement on Steam documenting everything that has happened during the game’s Early Access period.

They even dropped in a shiny new launch trailer.

I Need To Stop Playing Slay The Spire

In the last couple of years there are only two games that I've put over a hundred hours into. One of them is an obscure DS title that I speedrun and the other is Slay the Spire, in indie deckbuilder roguelite that just doesn't hold up to this much play. Yet I can't stop.

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As Mega Crit worked at the game, constant changes were made. A third character was added, as was the final act. The Daily Climb added new challenges while the Ascension mode frustrated the hell out of me.

The numbers of everything went up. The initial pool of cards climbed from 189 to 283. New relics, events, potions and enemies were added too as part of the over 500 gameplay balances and tweaks made.

Even the art got polished. Although it was in a slightly better state than during the early prototyping.


All in all, it was a massive effort to bring Slay the Spire to the point where its at today and Mega Crit promises to keep more content coming.

Slay the Spire is available on PC now and will come to Nintendo Switch later this year.


  • What is it about this game that makes it so addicting? Is there heavy lore, a great cycle of actions, or something else? Not being familiar with anything about this but having heard the name here and there, it is difficult to tell from either that trailer or the article…

    • It’s a crazy deck building game, and there are so many different choices you can make. So no two playthroughs are ever the same. The synergy of the cards is crazy if you get the right combos. The randomisation aspect of it is what makes it fun. If you have played hearthstone’s single-player mode for witchwood and kobolds and catacombs it is kind of similar – but more fun.

    • There’s a very appealing flow to the game with lots of meaningful decisions and no downtime.

      Play card, do damage, expand your deck as you go and see satisfying combos play out exactly as you imagine.

      Although there is a bit of strategy (you often get to select one of several cards to add to your deck as a reward) the main flow of the game is tactical – what cards have you got in your hand, is anything good left in your deck, how best to play these to win each battle.

      The game is very tactile with a super-satisfying feel of weight associated with playing a card, not especially taxing (unless you like to over think things) so works well as a casual game while evolving enough to keep things interesting.

      There’s enough procedural generation to ensure that evey run feels a bit different.

      The main claim of the game, however, is how nearly all information is completely displayed to the player with very little rng. This may sound like a chore, in the way that chess can be a chore, but it isn’t as the decisions are largely all discrete and easily intelligible.

      Slay the Spire is a classic in every imaginable way.

    • I think there’s just something inherently satisfying about deckbuilders. It’s the same lizard brain appeal that makes my friends and I start a new game of Dominion immediately after finishing the last one.

      • Thanks for this, and the other responses above and below :).

        I’ve recently got back into board games and people rabbit on about “deckbuilders” and Dominion in particular, will read a bit more and maybe just take the plunge on that one at some point! Used to play Magic a good 15 years ago, and while the mechanics were great, building a deck was my least favourite part, which has put me off Dominion so far. Picked up Keyforge recently for the very reason the decks are pre-made, wanna give that a few tries too!

        Intrigued by STS now – tho not a major fan of roguelikes, still might wait for the Switch version :).

        • Yeah, ‘Deck building’ card games are very different to collectible card games. You don’t build a deck and then bring it to the game; the game is building your deck. At the start of the game everyone has the same crappy deck, and each turn you acquire cards from a shared pool that you add to your deck (which you typically cycle through several times a game). The game is to use your resources efficiently and find combinations of cards to buy that synergise with each other. I highly recommend giving Dominion, STS or Arctic Scavengers a go.

    • Its “quick to pickup, hard to master” approach and ability to play and complete runs in short bursts make it a great game for most people.

      theres lore there for those that want it, but it doesnt beat you over the head with it..

      and one additional thing I quite like is that your progress on previous run equate to an optional benefit at the start of your next.

      I play it for a few days, put it down.. come back to it a few weeks later and it feels like I hadnt left it at all.

  • I hope the devs keep adding more content to the game. I love the game as it is but having finished it many times, it would be great to see new cards, enemies and heroes added gradually.

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