A Management Sim About Fried Chicken But Also Meth

A Management Sim About Fried Chicken But Also Meth
Image: Definitely Not Fried Chicken

Two things that go hand in hand: selling fried chicken and drugs. Welcome to Definitely Not Fried Chicken.

To help you with the confusion that might have ensued, Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a new business simulator from Dope Games. Patently, it’s similar to other business sims about illicit operations. The trick here is that you have to grow your business concurrently while running a legitimate fried chicken empire.

It doesn’t seem like you could ignore the drug side of this game to exclusively focus on fried chicken. It’s more about, say, having a place for your cocaine and meth deals to buy your brand of KFC.

It’s listed on Steam with a 2021 release date, although there’s no word on whether the developers recommend pairing Definitely Not Fried Chicken with the official KFC console.

The game is set in the ’80s, and will focus on forcing the player to establish a full production line, employee management, distribution routes, and defending against armed assaults. You also won’t just have to run a fried chicken business if you don’t want to. There’s nightclubs, laundromats, a gun shop (according to the trailer) and what looks like giant chickens running around with baseball bats and machine guns.

There’s more info about the game on the official Steam listing.


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