Fallout Mod Returns After Removing Some Pretty Questionable Shit

Fallout Mod Returns After Removing Some Pretty Questionable Shit
Screenshot: The Frontier

The Frontier, a huge Fallout: New Vegas mod that was pulled last week after one of its artists was found to have posted “animated pedophillic content” online, is now back.

Fallout Mod Pulled After Artist Allegedly Posts ‘Animated Pedophillic Content’

We only wrote about the big new Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier last week when it was released! And now we’re writing about it again, because the mod has been “hidden” (basically temporarily removed) from Nexus Mods and pulled from its own website after allegations that one of its...

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The work of that contributor — which reportedly amounted to “the vast majority of pip-boy icons” — has been removed, but so too have some other things that had got people’s attention since downloading the mod, along with the work of some contributors who, in the wake of all this, no longer wished to be associated with The Frontier.

Here’s the full list of changes and removals, from the mod’s Nexus page:

We have removed ZuTheSkunks content from the mod, namely icons and self inserts. We’d like to re-iterate that his behaviour is abhorrent and we have distanced ourselves from him as soon as we were informed of the situation.

– We have made changes to America and Mae’s content. We have removed the Slavery lines, and the lines from Mae that were inappropriate. We recognise that these topics were not handled tactfully, however, there was never any malicious intent behind the writing of the lines.

– We have locked the Trochili. Temporarily they are inaccessible but they will be re-added in an esp that will be provided optionally later.

– We have unfortunately had to remove multiple characters worth of voice acting as people have requested that they not be associated with the project going forward. We will be revoicing these characters in the future.

– We have removed content that has been asked to be removed by artists.

– We have had to remove the music for the breach outreach as the artist has requested his content to be removed.

– We have modified and removed a few pieces of questionable content mod wide.

So, some context! America was a character who you could basically turn into your slave, and the way it was handled was incredibly Yikesy:

Screenshot: The FrontierScreenshot: The Frontier

As for the “Trochili”, they were a lizard race that…you could have sex with. And while that might be fine (?) if handled with tact and quality writing, in this case, it was not.

Screenshot: The FrontierScreenshot: The Frontier

Unlike America, the Trochili stuff will be returning to the mod, albeit at a later date and as an optional download.

In addition to the team removing stuff themselves, they’ve also had to remove the work of voice actors, musicians and artists who have “requested that they not be associated with the project going forward”.


  • Wow, that lizard thing is terrible. You can’t just add s at the beginning of words to make it sound reptilian!

    • I’d managed to not notice that was the placement of the Ss, especially since now its pointed out I can see that the words that have Ss haven’t been given a sibilant sound.

      Sounds like they got dumped by pretty much everyone that contributed to it.

  • The whole ZuTheSkunk thing puzzles me, pulling a project back because of one person’s actions seems like a waste of time and resources to me, unless I’m not seeing the bigger picture and someone can shine a light on it, cause to me it’s like replacing a small brick of a building because that brick was erected by someone with questionable decision making.
    I’m trying to rationalise it, but did they remove his created content because they’d legally have to show his name in the credits or something?

  • There’s so much cringe shit in this mod. There’s also a whole lot of shitty writing and really gross stuff like enslaving a girl.

    No wonder people don’t want to be associated.

    • The more I see from it, the less I want to see.

      This was touted as some sort of grand expansion scale mod, and was additionally supposed to be lore friendly from the way I’d seen it being ‘sold’. But just seeing the writing, some of the examples are like someone was trying to fit the game exactly to their teenage fan fiction like it was their one and only priority.

      • Yeah it gets worse every time I see it. I can’t believe people were saying it was the quality of a paid story expansion.

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