U.S. President Biden Wants To ‘Review’ A Cause Of PS5, Graphics Card Shortages

U.S. President Biden Wants To ‘Review’ A Cause Of PS5, Graphics Card Shortages
Don't eat it, Mr President! It's not that kind of chip! (Photo: Pool, Getty Images)

U.S. President Biden is getting ready to sign an executive order, one that will review the United States’ ability to get hold of certain things that it’s currently having trouble getting hold of. Among the list are semiconductors, one of the main reasons behind the current PS5 (and graphics card) shortages.

As CNBC reported earlier this month, a shortage of the chips — caused by pandemic interruptions to global supply chains — is wreaking havoc across the world, from car manufacturers to hardware companies like AMD and Qualcomm, and that’s trickling on down to places like Sony and Nvidia, because you can’t build PlayStations and GeForce cards without semiconductors.

AP’s report on the executive order says the review is targeting “the fragility of vital supply chains”, and will investigate whether, if a global situation makes it harder for the United States to import necessary components, the country needs to be manufacturing those things itself.

It should be noted that this is an order to kick off a review, not to implement anything that it recommends. For all we know the President might get this review, say building more stuff in America is a good idea, then do nothing about it. Kinda like how he promised $US2000 ($2,526) checks and hasn’t done that either.


  • “Kinda like how he promised $US2000 ($2,526) checks and hasn’t done that either.”

    Unless you wanna go on the record as Team Trump, Kotaku should really stay in their lane.

    • Kotaku… Team Trump??? Hahahahahahaha

      Kotaku has done nothing but fawn over the likes of AOC and Biden for the last year… Kotaku is firmly not Team Trump, in any sense of the matter.

      Funny how when people start questioning unmet promises the unmet promises on one such as Biden though, you automatically assume “team Trump”. You can still support Biden while questioning unmet promises. Unless you just blindly follow, without question, like a few of the commentators that will likely jump on soonish

      • Watch out. Fish boy will be soon in here to call everyone alt right.

        I dont know whats so hard to figure out, hell even you explained the shortages in the article, yet he wants a review?

        • These things are usually just the first step.
          A review will identify key areas and then other departments/organisations can use that data for other investigations and actions.

        • It’s a purely factual, dictionary description for anti-social justice waaamblance chasers. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

          But look, I get that ya’ll want to feel like you all have your own individual opinions and are not in any way capable of being categorised as part of an informal movement despite all the constant bleating about how victimised yall are, the constant need to smash things, and an overwhelming feeling that third tier computer game websites are somehow powerful enough to purge your dictionaries of thought crime, like every other alt-right activist.


          • Oh Fishboy, as pathetic as ever.
            Quick, complain more about comments you dont like and show the entire community more how hypocritical you are and call them all alt right cause they dare disagree with the arbiter of all moral arguments.

          • @m2d2 I have no problem with you commenting mate. I’m just about the biggest advocate of free speech around here. It’s you guys constantly bleating about how you want anything evenly mildly confronting taken down from this website and its journalists sacked. Talk about cancel culture. I just called you a term that you seem to find offensive. Well, poor diddums, don’t talk to me about hypocrisy.

          • lol @ this comment.

            The lack of self awareness, and also the incredible inaccuracy shown is quite astounding

          • Fishboy, you arent even fooling yourself, but you are so far up your own ass you cant even see your hypocrisy, “DoNt To Me AbOuT HyPoCrIsY Or My SoN AgAiN”

      • Well maybe because Trump didnt accomplish anything last year? other than successfully killing a lot of Americans though inaction. And um… nope, that is literally the only thing he succeeded at, in all that time.

    • What?

      That statement is an objective fact.

      Trump is not president anymore. Criticism of Biden is not an automatic endorsement of Trump.

  • I know that Luke really likes his free money, and it’s hardly as if Luke is ever going to see this comments section, but even the link provided says “President-elect Joe Biden said Friday he is assembling a multitrillion-dollar relief package that would boost stimulus payments for Americans to $2,000″.

    Biden, who doesn’t actually pass the laws anyhow, has in fact boosted stimulus payments by $1400 and $1400+$600=$2000. The original debate was about whether to give $600 or $2000 cheques, and the Repugs only ended up passing $600 cheques. Biden proposal was to revisit that original debate, not to issue an additional $2k on top of the $600 already paid.

    If people can’t seem to understand the clear wording and context, well that’s on them.

    • So the democrats in georgia totally didn’t put out adverts saying $2000 cheques would be sent out if they won?

      Because that would be awkward for your argument if they did do that.

      • Sorry, I thought we were talking about President Biden. Was there another conversation happening here about which I am unaware?

        But seriously, spin things however you like for your favourite side of politics, and I haven’t watched every single advertisement used in Georgia. I’m just commenting on the actual link used in the actual article, plus a whole lot of familiarity with context.

        Regardless, you can take anything you like out of context however there should be no confusion in this case. Democrats proposed $2k cheques supported by your mate Trump, Repugs cut that to $600, then Biden and his party made up the difference once he was elected. It’s really not rocket science.

  • Over 50% of the world’s production of semiconductors found in laptops, tablets, phones, desktops and servers are manufactured in Taiwan. We’re talking the chips for US companies like Apple, AMD and Qualcomm.

    The rest is mostly Intel, and some Samsung.

    China plans to integrate Taiwan by 2049.

    Watch this space.

  • Biden is a fool and just filling his Executive Order quota for the week. The problem he should be looking at isn’t why there is a shortage (Supply and demand DUH!!), but what the U.S. will do if China decides to give the world a giant middle finger and stop selling its rare metals of which semiconductor chips are made of but so are a lot of other crucial things the world needs and uses. Australia as I understand it has almost as large of supply in the ground of rare metals as China but doesn’t have the infrastructure (yet) to extract it to meet world demand. So if Biden wants to be seen to do something, first step is to go into partnership with its ally (Australia) to get the rare metals out of the ground and then start manufacturing these back home because if China cuts off rare metal supply AND takes over Taiwan (where a great deal of the world’s superconductors are made among other things) with that mentality, China could royally screw the world over. Best to start laying the foundations to circumvent China now while we still can.

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