Teenager Arrested In Japan After Kicking Arcade Machine

Teenager Arrested In Japan After Kicking Arcade Machine
Screenshot: 459 Games/YouTube

At many arcades in Japan, there is often an amusement cabinet called a punching machine that measures how hard one can punch. A sixteen-year-old has been arrested after kicking one.

Here is a YouTube clip from 2012 showing a punching machine in action:

According to Kobe Shimbun Next, a sixteen-year-old resident of Kakogawa city, was arrested today for alleged property damage. Yesterday, the teen repeatedly kicked a punching machine’s coin return slot, destroying it. He has since confessed.

“I put money in and the game didn’t start, so I got pissed off,” he’s quoted as saying. “I kicked it three or four times.”

Punching machines have existed since the early 20th century. Since the 1980s, a number of Japanese game companies have released their version, including Namco’s Knockdown in 1981, Taito’s Real Puncher in 1990, and Atlus’ Punching Try in 2007.

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