Damn You, Fortnite Butter Barn Song

Damn You, Fortnite Butter Barn Song
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

This season of Fortnite has been a whirlwind of crossover skins and deranged players hoping that Epic puts Family Guy’s Peter Griffin in the game. But the latest in-demand item is a possible music track — the song “Butter Barn Hoedown.” The supposedly leaked track somehow, impossibly, rules?

Fortnite’s battle pass and item shop often feature music tracks that play when you’re in the game’s lobby. “Butter Barn Hoedown” started popping up yesterday as a leaked music pack, following the game’s 15.50 update. It’s a country song about the in-game Butter Barn, a Season 5 location featuring NPC Mancake, a stack of sentient pancakes who is also a cowboy, because Fortnite. Some ambient music plays at the Butter Barn, with the looping lyrics “Come on down to the Butter Barn.” The full track expands that earworm into a two-and-a-half minute song with full lyrics.

Epic declined to comment in time for publication.

Besides it being delightful that Epic might write an entire song for an in-game location, “Butter Barn Hoedown” is kind of awesome. It’s got an “Old Town Road” vibe, with catchy rhymes and a simple melody that make it compulsively singable. There’s a pretty good guitar solo. My own visits to the Butter Barn have left me murmuring “come on down…” for the rest of my match, so I’m excited to freak out my squad as I whisper “we got the best dang syrup on the whole dang map” into my mic unconsciously.

Players on Reddit have been sharing the lyrics and even making music videos of “Butter Barn Hoedown.” On Twitter, many players are sharing their own love for the jam and their shock at how good it is. “Name a better song than ‘Butter Barn Hoedown’ by Fortnite,” tweeted Fortnite creator Squatingdog. “This song has no reason to be good but it’s amazing,” wrote another player. Many players are asking Epic to put the song on Spotify, with one writing that they “will literally listen to it on repeat on Spotify for 6 hours straight with no regrets.” Speaking for us all, another wrote, “This song has single handedly given me enough serotonin to make it to the end of the week at least.”

“Butter Barn Hoedown” isn’t currently in the item shop, which updates later tonight, so no telling when and if we can actually spend our hard-earned V-bucks to sit in the lobby forgetting to squad up. I always forget to update my lobby music, which is currently some boppy track with a “woah-oh-oh!” that never fails to get in my head. I’m looking forward to mixing things up.

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