Alan Wake 2 Might Not Be The April Fool’s Day Joke We Thought It Was

Alan Wake 2 Might Not Be The April Fool’s Day Joke We Thought It Was
Image: Remedy

On April Fool’s Day 2021, journalist Jeff Grubb told Twitch viewers he’d heard Remedy Entertainment was working on Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated sequel to both the original Alan Wake and Control. While details were scarce, Grubb informed viewers the game would be “the kind of follow-up that fans of that series want” and that it would be published by Epic Games.

Given the strange timing of the announcement and the informal nature of Grubb’s chat, the rumours about Alan Wake 2 were taken with a heavy grain of salt. But if you were waiting for somebody to say sike, the time has passed. It might be okay to believe Alan Wake 2 is really, finally, in development.

While April 1 is a time for fake news stories and hijinks, the rumours about Alan Wake 2 came from a reliable enough source to believe they’re real. Jeff Grubb is a GamesBeat reporter and industry insider who’s been known to break stories about events and delays in the world of gaming. But beyond his reliability and position in the industry, it’s also important to note Grubb shared the news about Alan Wake 2 before April Fool’s Day 2021.

In fact, his stream took place on the evening of March 31, U.S. time. So while Australians woke up to the news and assumed it was just another prank, it wasn’t technically April Fool’s Day in the U.S. when it dropped.

There’s also the small matter of AWE, the Alan Wake-themed Control DLC that launched in late 2020.

Even without reported confirmation that a sequel is in the works at Remedy, Alan’s story in Control heavily implied he’d return in some form soon. While the DLC is complex to explain, the popular theory is that Alan Wake himself empowered Control protagonist Jesse Faden and kicked off the events of the game for the sole purpose of making her strong enough to defeat the oncoming darkness in their shared universe.

The story is absolutely ripe for a sequel, and it’s been a long, long time coming.

Alan Wake first released for Xbox 360 way back in 2010 and while there have been hints and teases since then, the story is still missing its conclusion. Even if Grubb is incorrect, the rumours and theories around the game almost guarantee a sequel is next in line at Remedy. AWE did a great job setting up the threads for an oncoming war. But more than that, the timing is right.

If you were hesitant to believe the news last week, now’s the time to let go. April Fool’s Day has come and gone and Alan Wake 2 is still here. Nobody has arrived to refute the claim. There have been no denials, or any backlash. Grubb himself is sticking to his guns.

After 11 long years, the franchise may finally be getting be getting the sequel it deserves. It’s finally safe to believe.


  • Tangentially related… back in the 90s / 00s, we’d say ‘Psych!’ as in you’re using mindgames on someone when pulling a prank (aka Psyching Out). Its interesting that someone butchered the word somewhat into Syke in Urban dictionary. Which I’m guessing has further evolved into the usage of Sike in the article.

    • You know, I triple checked before I wrote it, and it does appear ‘sike’ is what the kids are using these days. But ‘psych’ is just as valid.

      • Ah, kids these days. My teenage nephews use Yeet at least once a sentence, and I’d never heard it until last year.

    • Not sure it had an official spelling when I was growing up, but I can assure you that nobody in my extended peer group would have considered either the entymology nor imagined spelling the word as unphonetically as with a p s y c and h.

  • I suppose the only issue is the “published by Epic Games” part, did Microsoft release the publishing rights to the game back to Remedy?

    Last i heard is that Remedy own the IP but Microsoft has exclusive publishing rights to the game.

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