Dude Trains Like One-Punch Man During The Pandemic, Gets Buff

Dude Trains Like One-Punch Man During The Pandemic, Gets Buff
Screenshot: Jigoku Dera Guren Maru

Back in 2019, in the before times, Kotaku reported that an investor named Sean trained like One-Punch Man for thirty days and got in terrific shape. Now, in 2021, another dude has trained like the character for a whole year.

As Yutara reports, YouTuber Jigoku Dera Guren Maru started at 82.7 kilograms. But every day, he did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and ran 10 kilometers — just like One-Punch Man.

Screenshot: Jigoku Dera Guren Maru Screenshot: Jigoku Dera Guren Maru

After a year, he has slimmed down to a slim, muscular 57.6 kilograms (127 pounds). You can watch his progress in the clip below:

What have you done during the pandemic? I certainly haven’t done this!


  • Can endorse this. I’ve done sort of the same thing this last year and a bit. I used to weigh 161.5kg. I now weigh 92kg. I’m lean like this guy, not QUITE as buff, but pretty close. Life’s damn good now 🙂 I have to say, it’s pretty good to be able, at 43, to be able to train like this nearly every day too! Bloody good job mate! Well done!

    • Wow brilliant stuff, seriously man. Personally I lost like 30Kg the year before covid, then last year because I was still having to work I found I lost my way with it all, it was the one fight I wasnt willing to do last year, so gain like 10 back BUT thankfully I have finally got back in my stride this year and starting losing it again.

      Your tale and this chaps helps remind me that anything is possible.

    • Ta guys. To prove I’m not BS’ing either, here’s a photo of me roughly 18 months ago at 161.5 and now at 92kg:


      This guy in the clip above, he’s on the money with what he’s doing. I do a lot of what he’s done, every day. Pilates, the gym and karate every week. Loads of cardio and weights. However, I was a LOT bigger than him, so I have some loose skin still but manageable. It’s a 110% better life that’s for sure 🙂

      • wow are you really tall or something? I know dudes who look WAY bigger than you that sit at 120kg, and now I look way bigger than you and I weigh 88kg atm (gained back from when I went from 97kg-82kg last yeah 🙁 )

          • Ta @Alexwalker

            Not to rant on, but I had incentive. My son just turned 16, and I went to see the Doctor with some chest issues. He told me my heart rate was so high, he was amazed I wasn’t dead essentially. He said I’d either have to look at heart medication at that point, with an extreme chance of heart attack in the near future, or to start looking at weight loss as a viable alternative.

            Karate, pilates, weight lifting, walking and a whole bunch of other things have entered my life. But the simple fact is, 90% of it has *actually* been cutting out a lot of what I eat. I didn’t realise that was actually most of what weight loss is. Food. I’d heard it but never realised it until then. So it’s taken a while but I train my arse off, now I’m fitter than I was at 18, I hope to be around for a lot longer, and another milestone, tonight my BMI just hit 25.0 (92.0kg) which means I’m considered ‘normal’ and no longer overweight at all for my height. A good feeling given I know I’ve recaptured a *lot* of years to be around for my boy and I to have together.

            Oh and I’ve managed to somehow fall into a relationship with an amazing woman who just happens to be stunning too 😀 So yeah, it ain’t bad at all 🙂

      • Stunning stuff, it is so great that many were able to use the rubbish that was 2020 to carve out such personal victories.

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