Here’s Every Major Gaming Company Presenting At E3 2021

Here’s Every Major Gaming Company Presenting At E3 2021

E3 2021 is set to take place digitally from June 12 to June 15 this year — but despite how close the event is, it feels like we barely know anything about it. The coronavirus pandemic has forced major changes to E3 this year, and the digital-only nature of the event has dampened some of the usual excitement for the show. But despite the lack of fervour around this year’s E3, it’s still shaping up to be a very intriguing event, with plenty of exciting game publishers and developers signing on to present in some capacity.

Here’s every major games company currently scheduled for the show, and what they could potentially bring to the table.

Note: This information was originally listed on the ‘participating companies’ landing page on the E3 2021 website (as cited by GameRant) but it’s since been taken down. What this means for the companies listed is unclear, but it’s likely the list went live a smidge too early rather than it being posted in error.


Whatever Activision is working on at the moment is a big mystery, really. Could it be more Crash Bandicoot? Expansions for Call of Duty? More zombies? Duck Dynasty 2?

Surprise us, Activision. We’re ready for more news.

Amazon Game Studios

Amazon’s Crucible shut down after less than a year of being online, and its Lord of the Rings MMO was cancelled before it even had a chance to shine. So what’s next for Amazon? Well, there’s New World, a medieval fantasy MMO coming in August 2021. Count on this making an appearance at the very least.

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Scarlet Nexus is the next cab off the rank for Bandai Namco, and will likely be the focus of any presentations at E3 2021. Guilty Gear -Strive- and Tales of Arise may also feature, but what we really want to see is more news on Digimon Survive.

What’s going on with that game? Will we find out more at E3 2021? Stay tuned.

There’s also Elden Ring, but at this stage even suggesting this game will make a reappearance feels like a joke.


elder scrolls vi e3 2021
Image: Bethesda

Is this the year Bethesda finally lifts the lid on The Elder Scrolls VI, which was first announced at E3 2018? Look, probably not. But you know what would cheer people up in the middle of a global pandemic? News about Elder Scrolls VI. It’s a faint hope, but it could be possible.

Outside of this, Bethesda is likely to show off news for existing properties like Fallout and Deathloop — but the rest is unknown.


Resident Evil and Monster Hunter Stories 2 are likely candidates for a Capcom showcase, but given we don’t know what else the company has in store there’ll likely be some surprises from Capcom.

Personally, I’d love to see more Devil May Cry — but we may have to wait a bit longer for that.

Epic Games

Given Epic has their hands in every pocket of gaming at the moment, this presentation could encompass anything in PC gaming. Then again, it might be more Fortnite. 

Only time will tell.


Nintendo will have a handful of releases left in 2021 by the time E3 rolls around including Mario Golf: Super Rush, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. New looks at these are a near-guarantee, but we could also see glimpses of more intriguing 2022 titles like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Breath of the Wild 2 and Splatoon 3.

Oculus from Facebook

Oculus has already revealed a brand new game line-up for 2021, so what it’ll reveal at E3 2021 is up in the air. We could get a deeper look at VR games we already know about or there might still be some other surprises in store.


This June marks the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, and there’s no doubt SEGA will have some surprises in store for the occasion. A Sonic Colors remaster was reportedly leaked in early 2021 so we may see that here, but there’s likely other things on the way too.

We could see a look at the Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel or the new animated series in the works from Netflix during E3. There was also noises about a leaked Monkey Ball game recently, so that may also make an appearance.

Square Enix

kingdom hearts
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix’s next major games are NEO: The World Ends with You and Life is Strange: True Colors — and it’s likely we’ll see both of these showcased at E3 2021. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe news of Kingdom Hearts? Kingdom Hearts on Switch?

Please say it’s Kingdom Hearts on Switch.

Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive owns both Rockstar Games and 2K Games, so it’s likely any joint preso will be a bundle of excitement. Grand Theft Auto VI feels like too much to hope for, but stranger things have happened.

It could also be an opportunity to see more of WWE 2K22 or that elusive BioShock sequel that’s reportedly been in the works for some time.

THQ Nordic

By the time E3 rolls around, Biomutant will be out and that’s the next major THQ title — so it’s anyone’s guess what the company will showcase this year.


Ubisoft had an absolutely rip-roaring 2020 between Watch Dogs: Legion,  Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Just Dance 2021 and everything in between. But there’s no rest for the wicked, and it looks like Ubisoft will still make an appearance at E3 2021.

Far Cry 6 is the most likely candidate for an appearance, but any new game could be on show.

Warner Bros. Games

This one’s an easy one. Last year, Warner Bros. Games announced Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights. Since then, we’ve barely had any updates on them.

We’re probably getting updates at E3 2021.


starfield xbox e3 2021
Image: Bethesda

According to well-known leaker Klobrille, Xbox will reportedly be showing off Halo Infinite, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5 and Age of Empires 4 during its E3 2021 showcase. These are mostly pretty safe bets (seeing more from Halo Infinite is a near-guarantee) but Starfield is the odd one out here.

We’ve seen zilch from this Bethesda-led game since it was announced in 2018, and it feels weird to include this in the Xbox presentation rather than the dedicated Bethesda one. But hey, since they’re one company now anything goes.

Other possibilities include an appearance from the latest Fable game (although this could be a long shot, since we’ve already had this teased) or more news on Hellblade 2.

Everything Else

Outside of the major game studios, there’s also a bunch of other developers and publishers reportedly confirmed to appear in some form during the digital event.

  • Bad Button Studio
  • Click Entertainment
  • DvG
  • Deep Silver, Inc.
  • Funcom
  • GTR Simulator
  • GungHo Online Entertainment America
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • Kalypso Media Group
  • KontrolFreek
  • Limited Run Games
  • LGA Enterprises
  • nDreams
  • Nvidia
  • PureArts
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • Rebellion
  • Tastemakers
  • UnnamedVR by Paracosma
  • XSEED Games
  • Xsolla

No doubt all of these companies will have exciting news for E3 2021.

As we head towards the most exciting part of the gaming calendar year, we can expect more surprises and teases along the way.

What are you most excited about for E3 2021? Are there any companies you have your eye on? Any wild predictions you want to lock in ahead of the show? Pop on down to the comments below.

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