I’m Lavender, The New Writer/Producer at Kotaku Australia!

I’m Lavender, The New Writer/Producer at Kotaku Australia!

Oh hi there! I’m Lavender and I’m the newest recruit at Kotaku Australia (as well as Gizmodo Australia).

You may have already seen me lurking around the site writing about things like the whole Disco Elysium vs the Classification Board saga, or on our Twitch channel last week. However, I never formally introduced myself, so here I am, introducing myself.


Let’s start with the basics: who the heck am I?

Before joining the Kotaku Australia team, I spent the last two-ish years at Pedestrian.TV. However, you might recognise me from that time I jumped across to Kotaku last year to write about this god awful NBA 2K scam.

Unlike the rest of the lovely team at Kotaku Australia, I’m located in not-so-sunny Melbourne, so you can often catch me at a local cafe or bar being an unashamed Melbourne food and beverage snob.

When I’m not writing about video games, my hobbies include tweeting about video games and streaming video games – you can find my Twitch here.

I’m a big ol’ World of Warcraft nerd (I play a Night Elf Priest, if you were wondering) and I am ashamed of how many times I’ve completely drained my phone battery playing Hearthstone.

It’s also worth noting that it is my firm belief that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen should be considered gaming royalty, thanks largely to their iconic 2002 game Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall.

If there’s one game I could recommend that you get your hands on, it would have to be the Nintendo DS version of The Sims 2, which is an absolute masterpiece.

Outside of video games, I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons (see: I’m really great at The Simpsons trivia) and I loveeeee Jurassic Park.

I’m super excited to be joining the Kotaku and Gizmodo Australia teams and can’t wait to find a way to yell about how much I love dinosaurs and World of Warcraft as much as possible.


  • Welcome!

    I’d seen your article posts, and they felt like they had the vibe of the Australian team, so happy to see another!

    Funnily enough I was reading a retrospective review today on another Mary Kate & Ashley game today, Crush Course.

  • Hey there, welcome. May all your gaming writing moments involve gaming. (You might laff but quite a lot of Kotaku seems less gaming and more not-gaming.)

    re: the simpsons hit & run (2003 PC2…)
    Dang, its been a long time since I booted up my old PS2. But you got me all inspired so I’ll have to dig out the disc (it was a fav of mine too).

    While I’ve never played “Mary Kate and Ashley magical mystery mall” (PS1 I believe). I am sure its now “street legal”. I also see its still available for sale on eBay for somewhat reasonable prices. Or maybe retro-gaming emu is way to go for that one.

  • Welcome!

    Great to see another Aussie writer for Kotaku AU. Looking forward to more of your content here and at Gizmodo.

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