Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Launches Today With New Monsters And Stuff

Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Launches Today With New Monsters And Stuff
Nice skin armour. (Screenshot: Capcom)

Anyone fancy a tussle with Apex Rathalos, maybe kill it, strip it like a stolen car, and wear its skin like a trophy? That’s a thing you’ll be able to do once today’s Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0 hits later today, bringing with it Apex Rathalos, Apex Diabalos, a trio of elder dragons, layered armour forging, and the ability to unlock max hunter rank. So yeah, a lot.

I’ve not been keeping up with Monster Hunter Rise as much as I would like, so it’ll be a while before I’m a threat to elder dragons Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Chameleos. Judging by the trailer, they look like they’ll be a lot of fun for more experienced hunters and an exciting way to start adding to their newly uncapped hunter rank.

Expect a whole bunch of new quests to unlock with the title update, giving players more ways to grind. Previously release Apex monsters will be challengeable outside of Rampage quests, and Magnamalo will join the Rampage rotation. All this, plus a bunch of cosmetic DLC that players can buy gussy up their characters and companions, from voice sets and stickers to layered armour for pets.

Check out more Monster Hunter Rise updates as well as the latest on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin in today’s Monster Hunter digital event video, helpfully pasted below.

Now go hunt things, you hunting addicts.


  • Ah, Teostra, everyone’s first full-party wipe. Not being a Switch owner, I can only think back to my MHW days and smile wistfully.

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