Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Returns To Consoles Tomorrow

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Returns To Consoles Tomorrow
Beauty is in the eye of the really old D&D joke. (Screenshot: Interplay)

While fans of hack-and-slash RPGs await the June 22 release of the all-new Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Interplay’s releasing the 2001 classic that started it all. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance will be available for PlayStations, Xboxes, and Switch tomorrow, complete with support for 4K scaling on capable consoles.

Released two decades ago for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is basically “What if Diablo but Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?” Players choose between three customisable classes (dwarven fighter, human archer, or elven sorceress) and set off on a hacking, slashing, spellcasting adventure through the Forgotten Realms AD&D setting. There’s plenty of loot to gather, monsters to battle, and places to explore alone or with a friend via local co-op. Check out the game’s launch trailer via IGN’s exclusive reveal.

It’s a couple of decades old, but it still looks great. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is one of my favourite action role-playing games and I can’t wait. 


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