BRB, Making My Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Logo

BRB, Making My Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Logo
There it is, the perfect Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo. (Image: BioWare)

BioWare must have sensed that I had thoughts about the Mass Effect companions on my spirit today, as it released a new tool that lets you pick and choose among the Mass Effect companions to make your own version of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo.

Would-be custom logo recipients answer a handful of questions and from there, the tool generates a sharp-looking collage featuring your favoured characters and alignment, which you can download as a wallpaper or share on social media.

The questions start easy — choose your Shepard’s alignment. But from there we get into real Sophie’s Choice territory as it asks you to choose two (only two!) favourite companions and one trusted companion from among some of the most well-written, loveable, (and oh, so fuckable) characters in the entire video game canon. Even trying to choose between your “cavalry” (whatever that means) and the “backups” (which is a very kind way to say the dumpster crew) is fraught. Mass Effect is so lousy with great, memorable characters that leaving even one out is a crime. How dare you make me choose, BioWare!

Naturally, I fiddled with this a few times to get optimal placement of my Mass Effect besties. To steal some of Ari’s guide-writing thunder: If you want your love interest as the biggest character behind Shepard’s head, choose them first in the “favourite companion” option.

I call this creation “All The Human Characters Are Garbage (Yes, Even Kaidan Alenko).”

This one’s “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss.”

Miranda is gaslight. Samara is gatekeep. But they're all girlbosses. (Image: BioWare) Miranda is gaslight. Samara is gatekeep. But they’re all girlbosses. (Image: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out in just a few more weeks and I intend to play around with this logo generator to maintain my hype at optimal levels. Where’s the version of the tool that just lets you add everyone? Or the “Oops, All Garruses!” version. I want that.


  • For those who found this neat you might also like to know you can download thw OSTs to ME, ME2 and ME3 and a bonus track apparently only heard in the Legendary edition (the credits for the remastering work maybe?) and some art book PDFs here

    I’m surprised they’re offered for free, but pretty happy about it

    • Thanks for that. I don’t know if I should feel like a mug for having gotten soundtrack/s included in the physical copy/ies of the game/s when I bought them years ago. Haven’t gotten around to listening to any soundtracks that I’ve downloaded. Just in case there’s a bug with my earlier download, I’ll download the content via that link that you gave.

      Have you listened to the ME3 soundtrack? Do you know the name of the track which in the game is the ominous score with the extremely low and dramatic synth chords? I’ve hear music similar to it elsewhere, so I wouldn’t mind knowing if there’s maybe another work which influenced the soundtrack etc.

  • I made my own poster art for the game. It’s a pity that you can’t share it on this site. It’s also a pity that the app restricts what characters you can select in categories. I.e. a character might not appear in one selection screen but does in another.

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