Lies Of P Is A (Checks Notes) Pinocchio Souls-Like

Lies Of P Is A (Checks Notes) Pinocchio Souls-Like

Round8 Studio and Neowiz today announced Lies of P, an upcoming Souls-like based on the classic story of Pinocchio, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Just typing that out makes me feel a little like I’m losing my mind.

“Play as Pinocchio, a puppet mechanoid, and fight through everything in your path to find [Mr. Geppetto],” the game’s official Steam page reads.

Lies of P is set in the fictional city of Krat, the aesthetics of which were inspired by the Belle Époque, an era of peace and prosperity in Europe before the start of World War I. Of course, this being a Souls-like, the metropolis has crumbled into a shadow of its former self, the once-beautiful façade now a “living hell filled with unspeakable horrors.”

Drawing from Carlo Collodi’s original story, Lies of P will allow players to customise Pinocchio’s body with various parts for battle and exploration as well as take part in “lying quests” that change depending on how one chooses to deceive the inhabitants of Krat.

Lies of P offers an elegant world filled with tension, [a] deep combat system and a gripping story,” the developer’s description continues. “Guide Pinocchio and experience his unrelenting journey to become human.”

I have to say, this is one of the most bizarre adaptations I’ve seen, even when it comes to the more experimental world of video games. It’s true that the original story is fairly dark and the Disney movie has its moments, but wow. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one, if only to see how weird things get from here.


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