Over 500,000 Cheaters Are Now Banned From Call Of Duty: Warzone

Over 500,000 Cheaters Are Now Banned From Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone developer Raven Software recently announced that over 30,000 new Warzone accounts were banned. According to the studio, that brings the total number of banned accounts to over half a million.

Warzone has had a problem with cheaters since essentially day one. Since then, Activision and Raven Software have continued to fight cheaters and hackers. Back in February, Activision banned over 60k accounts and claimed that the total back then was around 300,000.

Now, with Raven on May 14 banning even more accounts, the number has climbed to over half a million and I expect it will continue to grow.

Back in April, in an interview with VGC, Raven Software’s creative director Amos Hodge shared his frustration with hackers and cheaters. “We make this content for the players,” said Hodge. “And while you’re upset that it ruined your game, I’m upset that it’s ruining some of the best work that I’ve done in my life.”

“We put our hearts into this content,” explained Hodge. “We have 100 million players, it’s been out a year, this is a huge stage and some of the best work we’ve ever done, and to have cheaters come in and ruin the game bothers us more than anyone.”

So it sounds like Raven Software isn’t giving up on its war against cheaters. And knowing cheaters, they won’t stop trying to hack and break Warzone to win more. So it seems that, like the eternal struggle between good and evil, the battle between cheaters and devs will rage on until the heat death of the universe.

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