Round The Twist Is On Netflix Now

Round The Twist Is On Netflix Now
Image: ABC
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When Netflix said they were going to invest in local content, Round The Twist wasn’t what I had in mind, but I’ll sure as hell take it.

The quirky AF Australian children comedy series, which first aired in 1990, will be coming to Netflix Australia from May 1. It wasn’t initially announced in Netflix’s regular monthly content drops, although the company did reveal Round The Twist in a separate list on Twitter.

Round the Twist is an Australian cultural icon, primarily because explaining it to people who aren’t Australian in this day in age is a pure delight. Set in an old rugged lighthouse, the series focuses on the absurdist, supernatural events that happen to the family and its three children. Spooky series are nothing new for TV, but Round The Twist repeatedly pushed broadcast guidelines in the early ’90s with plotlines that includes kids peeing on a tree and giving birth, literally eating shit, clones, ghosts running for Parliament, a dude who sold ice cream by ejecting it out of his nose only for someone to fall in love with him, using the help of a water spirit to piss over a wall where girls were walking past, the Cabbage Patch family just randomly showing up in an episode, and whatever that ghastly bird with human eyes was.


All four seasons of Round the Twist will be available on Netflix Australia from Saturday, May 1, and you can view them via this link. I proudly look forward to firing it up, grabbing the stiffest drink in the house and asking myself, “How the hell did anyone get this approved for children back then?”

Also, watching Americans parse Round the Twist in 2021 is sure as hell going to be fun. Watch party, anyone?


  • Each episode of the series (at least the first 2 seasons) was also based on a short story by Paul Jennings who also wrote most of the episodes. Jennings himself is an Australian icon.

  • Oh man, I really hope re-watching this doesn’t cause any, “Oh, uh… you have to understand it was a different time,” when I try to show my partner.

    I was pretty eager to show off sketch comedy classic ‘Full Frontal’, only to discover that the very first episode features blackface.

      • That definitely doesn’t protect it from showing racism or sexism or other outdated and offensive things.

        • Particularly with Round the Twists’ general weirdness. Well intentioned but horribly executed race or gender swaps would absolutely thrive there.

    • I understand it in the context of American cinema but I still don’t care about blackface no matter how much the USA tries to make it a thing worldwide. It just does not have the same connotations elsewhere.

      • I’m afraid it has a deep history in Australia too, one that mirrored the US. (As did many other countries)
        Black face performers were extremely common in Australian theatre, TV and cinema, from the early days of colonialism, right up until the 80’s in one shape or form.
        The only difference is African Americans gained a platform to address the problem sole time ago while Aboriginals have only just started to.

    • iirc there’s an episode where the youngest kid accidentally eats a fish that causes his penis to rapidly spin and he uses it as a propeller in water to win swimming races. Not sure if that as being a different time, or a timeless classic.

    • Netflix is the biggest streaming service in Australia by a significant margin. There are plenty who only have Netflix as their primary streaming sub, so it coming to Netflix is absolutely worth calling out.

      • I know but a lot of articles might give the false impression it has not come to streaming services previously. Someone might already have prime and was going to sub to Netflix for this show not realizing it’s already on prime.

  • Huh, those air dates don’t mesh at all with the ages I remember this being a big thing.

    I do remember there being a switch of actors part way through although those seasons (1 & 2) were shot years apart. Maybe Tassie was just really behind the times?

  • I can see myself getting trouble (again) for whistling, humming and singing the theme song constantly….

    ????Have you ever, ever felt like this

    How strange things happen, are you going round the twist ????

  • Wonder if there’s any possibility of a new season. Would be interesting to open it up to a variety of different film makers doing their own episode about the Twist family.

    • Nah. just leave it in the pit of 90’s nostalgia where it belongs.

      Don’t get me wrong i love Round the Twist but a reboot or modern take just wouldn’t be the same with todays culture.

  • On the other hand I used to watch Round The Twist on ABC TV ever since I was a young child. But of course ACTF or The Australian Children’s Television Foundation were best known for their other kids shows including Mortified and even Lift-Off but Round The Twist as you should know people was filmed 40 years ago in Aireys Inlet in South West Victoria a small town on the Great Ocean Road just outside of Geelong.
    But of course the place where Round The Twist was filmed 40 years ago is called Split Point Lighthouse and it’s located at Port Niranda on Lighthouse Road where 4 seasons of Round The Twist was filmed 40 years ago.
    But now that I’m an adult Round The Twist is still a kids show and at least all 4 seasons of Round The Twist will be on Netflix next month.

  • Now all we need is for Netflix to add, Spellbinders, Ship to Shore, Ocean Girl, Lift Off, Heartbreak High, that show about those two kids that involved a big clock & some lightning & a mannequin mom coming to life, & that other show where these two kids tried running a toy shop & then later a Lolli shop for sone reason. …did I miss anything else?

      • you missed The Girl From Tomorrow and Kaboodle and Secret Valley, though those last two were more 80s than 90s

        • I maybe vaguely remember The Girl From Tomorrow. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the other two.


    • Spellbinders and Heartbreak High are already on Netflix.

      Seems my comment with the links to Netflix are in moderation limbo so apologies if you get this twice.

      • Oh that’s actually pretty awesome news. No Netflix atm haha but two good reasons to check back in for a bit at a Peter date.

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