Have You Ever ... Played A Game Like This

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It's not every day you get bands emailing you about their songs that are inspired by Round The Twist. Songs that come with their own Around The Twist video game.

It comes courtesy of Perth punk rock band Furniture, who decided to make a song about a scene from Round The Twist after getting hammered one afternoon. That song forms the theme music for Derek's Gonna Make It Rain, a browser game where you run from around the TV show's iconic lighthouse bumping into a leprechaun:

Inspired by a scene from season 3 of cult Australiana TV show Round the Twist, Derek’s Gonna Make It Rain places the game’s namesake on a tumultuous lighthouse, not unlike the structure from the Round the Twist’s opening credits. The player controls Derek as he dodges debris from storm clouds, bumping into his cloud-destroying, coin-creating Leprechaun friend.

The browser game was built by Furniture's guitarist, Aaran Gicquel, who got inspired after attending the Perth event for the Global Game Jam earlier this year. The game supports touchscreens as well as mouse and keyboard controls, and you can play it for yourself here. Alternatively, you can listen to Pete's Song below.


    Now I've got the theme song for Round the Twist stuck in my head. Thanks...

    haha, 28 first try. leprechaun physics seem a bit broken XD

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