World Of Warcraft’s Chromie Confirmed To Be Trans In Huge Win For Inclusivity

World Of Warcraft’s Chromie Confirmed To Be Trans In Huge Win For Inclusivity
Image: Chromie - WoW NPC

After years of speculation, World of Warcraft has finally confirmed that one of the oldest NPCs in the game is transgender in what can only be described as a huge win for diversity and inclusivity.

Fans have long been curious about time-travelling dragonkin Chromie’s gender identity, but it looks like the recently released World of Warcaft: Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth has reignited the query.

During The Visage — a short story about Chromie’s past — a dragon asks her why she chose “to become female” at her coming-of-age ceremony. To which she simply replies “it suits me”.

Considering Chromie previously went by male pronouns earlier in the story in dragon-form, the answer seems pretty self-explanatory. However, this is the first time anyone from Blizzard has outwardly confirmed it.

Narrative Lead for World of Warcraft Steve Danuser took to Twitter to confirm the news.

“Pronoun usage through the course of the story was done deliberately. I encourage reading the story as a whole rather than just excerpts,” Danuser said.

“Prior to the Visage Day ceremony, Chronormu is he/him. Afterwards, she/her in both mortal and dragon forms.”

Chromie has been a fan favourite NPC for almost as long as the game has been in existence. She was added in patch 1.2 way back in 2004 and has been winning our hearts over ever since.

She’s had her fair share of cameos in all of the major expansions throughout the years, most recently appearing in Shadowlands in 2020.

Despite being the oldest character to be confirmed as transgender, Chromie isn’t the first. Last year, another trans character,  Pelagos, was added in Shadowlands and used as an opportunity to discuss diversity in-game.

“We’re super happy, but I would definitely see Shadowlands as a step on this journey, not a destination,” Johnny Cash, lead quest designer, said of Pelagos when the news was announced last year.

World of Warcraft: Folks and Fairy Tales of Azeroth is out on May 25, before WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade enters our world in early June.


  • Chromie is one of my favourite WoW characters so it’s super cool to see this element added to her character.

  • It’s just a retcon. The person who named her originally was unaware of the naming conventions of the dragons at the time. There’s even a line in HOTS that jokes about this.

    But I guess you gotta take “wins” where you can.

  • So will the Chinese version of WoW see this change? If it’s not in all the builds of WoW it’s not a win for inclusivity. Pelagos is basically mute on the Chinese client.

    If Blizzard is too scared to tell Chinese players Chromie is trans that shows how much they actually care. Blizzard only cares about money. They will add anything that will get you to spend it. They will also remove anything that interferes in their Chinese business interests.

    • Basically this, because it’s evidence of it again being purely about the perceived monetary gain and good press to go along with retcon… All the while they continue to pander to China where this change will be censored. Blizzard hasn’t got enough goodwill left with me to view this as a positive. It’s just more of the same from them.

  • People who want inclusivity and diversity shouldn’t be appeased by scraps of what is little more than a retcon.

    But sure, do precisely what Blizzard want and pat them on the back I suppose.

  • I mean Chromie is a dragon who takes on human form. If this is really seen by the trans community as a win, then damn it, they need more wins.

    This feels even more cheap then *ten years later* “Oh btw Dumbledore was gay….”

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