Hearthstone Grandmaster Ragequits During Grand Finals Match

Hearthstone Grandmaster Ragequits During Grand Finals Match
xBlyzes won Heartstone Masters Tour Arlington in early 2020. (Photo: Blizzard)

The grand final in the Hearthstone European Grandmasters tournament ended dramatically when France’s Zakarya “xBlyzes” Hailintentionally disconnected from the match against Spain’s David “Frenetic” Neila.

With both players tied at two games in the best of three grand final, xBlyzes, at low health with no creatures in play, could not summon a last ditch defence against Frenetic’s onslaught. Instead of conceding the match or letting Frenetic finish him off as is typical in Hearthstone and other card games, xBlyzes chose to walk away, disconnecting from the game in what seems to be a ragequit.

xBlyzes is a 20-year-old professional Hearthstone player who won the Season 2 European Grandmasters Tournament in 2020.

On Twitter, xBlyzes took his loss hard and defended his behaviour as many said it was unsportsmanlike.

“Sry [sic] to be mad because I lost the most important match of my life,” he tweeted responding to a fan’s critique.

xBlyzes had a tough time during this eight-week long Grandmasters tournament. Earlier in the competition, he was fined and docked two points for arriving late to a match and was accused of win trading with his opponent Zhym. Win trading involves agreeing to lose a match in exchange for money or later wins and is against tournament rules.

In a Twitlonger, translated from French by Kotaku, xBlyzes denies the accusation saying, “I’m not so stupid to the point of voluntarily wintrading and to stay around.

“I have never cheated in my life, and I would never cheat,” the post continued.

A second place finish nets xBlyzes $2,000 USD ($2,565) in prize money, and he will be eligible to compete in Season 2 of the Grandmasters Tournament starting in August. No word yet if Blizzard will punish xBlyzes for his actions or if the accusations of win trading will lead to further investigation.


  • I wonder if the behaviour is typical for Zoomers. Rather than lose gracefully, throw a hissy fit and complain on twitter.

    • Naw, I’d argue every generation has its share of infantile bad losers, but to do it in a professional contest tells us he never belonged there.

      • Just reminds me of tennis. Some of the most famous tennis players in the world are famous as much for their dummy-spits as their ability, and have been since before the Internet. 26yr old zoomer Nick Kyrgios and 39-40yr old millenials Serena Williams and Lleyton Hewitt show both generations following in the footsteps of 62yr old boomer John McEnroe whose name is synonymous with poor sportsmanship.

        • Careful with the Serena Williams namedrop when talking about poor sportsmanship, or as I like to call it, “chucking a tanty”.

          I remember seeing multiple news articles, instagram posts, tweets, etc labelling any comment on her chucked tanty at the 2018 US Open as “racist” and “sexist”.

          But I do agree with you, there’s something about Tennis that attracts a certain type of person.

    • In the Starcraft II pro scene at least it’s less common now than it used to be when players were predominantly millenials. There might be some bitching about race balance on twitter or in twitch chat (though there doesn’t seem to be any generation gap there either) but I can’t recall the last time I saw someone get shirty in game.

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