Watch E3 2021’s Summer Games Fest And Day Of The Devs Here

Watch E3 2021’s Summer Games Fest And Day Of The Devs Here
Image: Summer Game Fest

Sure, we had the Battlefield reveal, but this year it’s the Double Fine/Geoff Keighley header that starts E3 2021 proper.

The double combo of Day of the Devs — an indie showcase organised by iam8bit and Double Fine — and the Summer Game Fest proper means we will begin E3 2021 with at least 30 new titles of all shapes and sizes, not to mention new DLC, updates and the like from existing titles.

Some of the games that will be shown have already been announced: Axiom Verge 2, Despelote, Road 96, Garden Story, soup pot, Behind The Frame, Asobu, Vokabulantis for instance. Evil Dead The Game, Bruce Campbell included, will be there. Gearbox will have a new title too — although with their own conference later in the week, it’s likely it’ll be a short reveal.

The Summer Game Fest stream will go live from 3:30am AEST, but the Summer Game Fest show itself will begin at 4:00am AEST. You can watch the stream via the embed below, or via this link.

The whole show will run for about 2 hours (likely with Day of the Devs included, although again this part isn’t fully clear). Around 30 publishers will show up, although some of the show will include live performances, so it won’t be back-to-back reveals.

For most people, the main stars of E3 2021 won’t show up until Sunday. That’s when Ubisoft, Devolver, Gearbox, Wholesome Direct and the second round of Guerilla Collective kicks off. But the opening days will have some fresh reveals and some solid indies that don’t deserve to get buried under the following days of non-stop coverage.

Plus, there’s always an outside chance Geoff Keighley gets to reveal Elden Ring. Right? (Probably not. Don’t get your hopes up.)

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