Palia Could Be The Chill Animal Crossing MMO Of My Dreams

Palia Could Be The Chill Animal Crossing MMO Of My Dreams
I want to be there. (Illustration: Singularity 6)

As much as I love storming castles, raiding dungeons, and waiting for rezzes, sometimes I just want to go online and hang out in a peaceful setting. New community simulation MMO Palia, with its fishing, farming, exploring, and decorating, might just fit the bill.

Palia is the first game from Singularity 6, a Los Angeles-based studio made up of industry vets with a mission to “forge alternate worlds that deepen players’ lives.” Inspired by its members’ stories of identity, friendship, and online social experiences, Singularity 6 sounds like it’s looking to recreate the feeling of community and belonging that gets lost in traditional skill and loot-based fantasy MMOs. That’s what I’m looking for. Maybe Palia can help me find it.

I shall sit on a bench near the fountain all day.  (Screenshot: Singularity 6) I shall sit on a bench near the fountain all day. (Screenshot: Singularity 6)

Palia is set in a fantasy world of the same name. Thousands of years ago, humans mysteriously disappeared from Palia. Now, the humans are returning, and we get to be one of them. According to the game’s website, as a newly-emerged human I will be able to choose whether I want to go on adventures and uncover the mystery of humanity’s disappearance — or go fishing. Or farming. Or just sitting around with friends, watching the sun go down. Sounds good to me. Check out the trailer.

I am completely down to be a part of a global community that finds that trailer as enticing as I do. Palia’s guilds are called neighbourhoods. I want to join a neighbourhood. The official announcement uses the word “cosy” a couple of times. I am all about that cosy life.

My bedroom looks just like this. Mostly.  (Screenshot: Singularity 6) My bedroom looks just like this. Mostly. (Screenshot: Singularity 6)

Palia is currently gearing up for its PC pre-alpha (which you sign up for at its website), so it’ll be some time before we can harvest crops, catch bugs, cook food, and decorate houses together. Really looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.


  • Some of the best experiences I had in a decade of WoW were the Pandaria farming and the Draenor garrison. I completely relate to the feeling of wanting more community, more tangible accomplishment, less stab the big boss. That and 90% of the games I enjoy are simulation and management games. This looks absolutely wonderful and I know I’m going to lose tonnes of time in it.

    • I’m in the same boat. Of all of the communal stuff in WoW, it was the farming/order hall/AH stuff I enjoyed the most. I really do want all of these “Animal Crossing” clones to pull it off, because it’s an extremely underrepresented genre.

    • Much as I do prefer the dungeons, etc, myself… I found the garrison, farm, and to an extent the Legion class halls, really quite nice for being relaxed content you could do without really needing to think about anything.

      Though I’ll absolutely say as far as Shadowlands goes, it really feels like far too much of the faction/order hall content is some fairly blatant (and not so well done) rehashing of that older content from previous expansions. Which really soured the experience for me quite a lot. That said, the whole of Shadowlands really feels that way to me far more than I think any previous expansion has.

    • I remember playing Ultima online many moons ago, and I’d spend my mornings mining, my arvo’s smithing and my nights drinking (in game). Such good times.

      I do enjoy the typical dungeoneering.. but I do miss the “I’m just going to pick up a trade and do that”.

      Hopefully crafting recipes won’t be locked behind any form of “must do X raid with X amount of players to get X recipe” Always hated that.. I don’t have time to do such long-winded guild type things anymore!

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