Netflix’s Sonic Prime Looks Set To Enter The Multiverse

Netflix’s Sonic Prime Looks Set To Enter The Multiverse

We got our first glimpses at Netflix’s Sonic Prime in late 2020, but the early teaser revealed little about the actual show. Now, thanks to leaked concept art, we have a better idea about everything our hero will get up to in his next big show.

While the concept art originally posted by environment artist Patrick Horan has since been taken down, the images have been saved and shared online by major Sonic fan sites. Google has also archived the search listing, preserving the unfortunate leak despite it being pulled.

google sonic prime concept art
Screenshot: Kotaku Australia

The images showed a bunch of news for the upcoming series, including that Sonic Prime will likely feature alternate realities and multiverses.

Not only is the art absolutely stellar, each image also tells a very intriguing story. In one frame, Sonic is hiding from a prehistoric version of Amy Rose wielding a spear. In another, Sonic faces off against a variety of Robotniks at various stages in their lives.

It doesn’t quite spoil the premise of the show, but between its multiple Robotniks, alternate Amy and power portals, it seems pretty obvious Sonic Prime will be diving deep into the mad, mad multiverse.

It’s a concept that’s incredibly hot right now, with both Marvel and DC currently working on projects also featuring alternate realities — so it’ll be intriguing to see how the show puts a fresh spin on this new genre.

Beyond the show’s style, another interesting tidbit revealed by the concept art is there’s now a version of Tails with nine tails, instead of the usual two. Given the look Sonic’s giving him, we can assume this is an alternate reality version of the character — and that we’ll see more ‘alt’ characters throughout the show.

Whatever the case, there’s some very intriguing ideas presented in the leaked artwork. If the art and concept is anything to go by, Sonic Prime is set to be one of the best-looking Sonic TV shows to date. The colours here absolutely gorgeous, and the art style looks dynamic, fun and very expressive.

These standalone images are filled with interesting narrative quirks, and it’ll be great to see how these scenes weave into Sonic Prime when the show launches on Netflix in 2022.


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