What Are You Playing (Or Watching) This Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing (Or Watching) This Long Weekend?
Image: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Now that everyone can finally play Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, it’s also time to play through all of it again, because hot damn what a game.

Like Leah, I had an absolute blast with Rift Apart. It’s basically the perfect length. The performance and ray-tracing is genuinely flawless. Crunch basically didn’t exist for the game, which is unheard of. And it’s the kind of adventure you could easily sit and share with just about everyone: adults, kids, first-timers to video games.

I mean, if you’ve got a PS5, anyway.

Something that you won’t see on the consumer side, however, but affected those reviewing was the lack of a performance mode. It was possible to play the game at 60 FPS, but it wasn’t optimised, so everyone played the game with the 4K/30 FPS fidelity settings, with ray-traced reflections and effects on full. The game is absolutely great that way. But having finished it, I wouldn’t mind seeing how it runs with much smoother action, and what the loss of ray-traced reflections does to the experience.

Beyond that, it’s a long Long Weekend for me. I didn’t actually mean to tweet this out, but it’s a good indicator of how brutal this year in particular is for Australians. And that doesn’t include the Saturday with the Netflix gaming shows (likely just TV/anime series, not actual games from what Geeked Week has unveiled), or whatever’s coming out of IGN Expo.

But at least the Saturday is relatively chill. That’s usually when EA Play would be, anyway, so it’s not so bad.

So if you’re not watching any of the conferences this weekend, or on the Monday when we’ve got the Bethesda/Microsoft/Square/Devolver/PC Gaming Show never-ending header, what games will you be playing?


  • I finished the ME trilogy last sunday. That ending is still so very underwhelming.

    I put Tomb raider 3 back in the disc drive. Still dont know if i want to play it or something else, like the bioshock trilogy again on switch, or one of the downloaded games for Ps4 i got for free with that campaign that just ended.
    Maybe ill go back to fallout 4 that hasnt been updated from launch that still has certain bugs that enable me to clear out EVERY store every 24 hours so i have a huge amount of stuff/gear to do the shit DLC campaigns.

  • Playing PSO2:NGS. Some supremely killer lag at present. SEGA was not prepared for how popular it would be.

    Watching the PSO2 anime, which fills in a gap in the story between Episode 3 and 4, being set on Earth prior to Episode 4. Its very much a beginners guide to MMOs. The art is pretty good, except for the battle scenes within PSO2, where it drops the frame rate in a big time. Not sure if its a stylistic suck ala the later made Into the Spider-verse, but it doesn’t really work for me.

  • I’m still strolling leisurely through Balan Wonderworld, but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time replaying Pokémon X with an all Bug-type team, so that’ll likely be the majority of my weekend.

  • Still trudging through Warframe, Subnautica BZ, Biomutant and Ratchet and Clank with my son. (Last game)

  • I decided to install more than a few games recently
    so I might play the following (with degrees of actually playing)
    Aven Colony, Big Pharma, Cook Serve Delicious 3, Craft the World, Crying Suns, Disco Elysium, Dishonored 1 & 2, Fallout 4, Indivisible, Mark of the Ninja, Neo Cab, Planescape Torment Enhanced, Portal Knights, Total Tank Simulator, Townsmen, Tropico 6 and Wargroove.
    and that is the installed steam list
    or I will more than a bit uninstalling to do

  • I’m actually going to watch the Ubisoft Forward press conference this weekend.
    Because all Activision showed us at this year’s Summer Games Fest was Call of Duty Season 4 for both Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone.
    That is no way to celebrate Crash Bandicoot’s 25th anniversary this year.
    Pull your head in Activision and stop with that stupid Call of Duty rubbish.
    The Nintendo E3 Direct is on Wednesday next week and I’m expecting Crash Bandicoot to appear as our 10th DLC for Smash.
    Crash Bandicoot’s 25th anniversary is this year and I’m still waiting for news on Spyro 4.

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